Bed Sizes

What you need to know about bed sizes before you buy your next bed

To find the right bed for you, you need to know about the bed sizes and bed bases that are available to the average consumer. Throughout history beds have played a highly important role in the amount of sleep that we get and the type of sleep that we get.
Most of the modern beds available in the world these days are fitted with a soft and comfortable mattress as well as a bed base. The base is what keeps the mattress nicely shaped and they are a necessary feature for the bed.

Around the world the bed sizes vary from country to country. Each country has its own standards and its own terminology used to describe a certain size of bed. In some countries the length of the beds will remain the same while other times the length can vary from bed type to bed type. In most countries in Europe the length of the bed will vary between 220 cm to 190 cm while in Australia the average length of the bed is around 204cm.

South African bed sizes are in some cases much smaller than the average sizes found in the rest of the world. The average length of the typical South Africa bed is around 188 cm, far smaller than the rest of the world.

How the right sized bed affects your sleep

The size of your bed actually has a big effect on the type of sleep that you get. The size becomes even more important when you have a partner who you are sharing your bed with. Some beds are made slightly bigger than a standard sized bed. If you are constantly bumping into one another in the night or if you are minimising the space that you take up during the night to avoid bumping into your partner then you are possibly not going to be getting the best night’s sleep.

Getting the biggest bed possible is just as bad as squashing yourself onto a bed that is too small for you. In the past having a massive bed was a status symbol, one that screamed “I have money and I am more comfortable than you.” But little did people realise that having a bigger bed did not necessarily mean that they were automatically more comfortable than those who had opted for a smaller bed.

The ideal bed size to have is one that is around 15cm longer than your height. If you are sharing your bed you can check to see if you have enough space by laying down next to your partner with both of you putting your hands behind your head. If your shoulders touch then the bed is not big enough for the two of you.

Sleep health and comfort have lots to do with the bed that you select as well as the sleeping habits that you have. You can start improving your sleep health by making sure that your bed is the right size and that you have the right mattress for your needs.
Bed sizes are mostly determined by who will be sleeping within the bed. Big beds are for adults and teenagers while infants and small children need to have a much smaller bed. Buying a big sized bed for a child is actually very dangerous as the child can get hurt while sleeping on a bed that is too big for them.

Your bedroom and what you have in your website is going to have a big impact on the bed sizes that you have to choose from. You cannot have a massive bed in your bedroom but have no space to move around. Having a bed that takes over all of the space in your bedroom can have a big impact on the sleep you enjoy. Keep in mind that the bed you have is not the only thing that has an effect on the quality of your sleep.

Your surroundings also play a big role and if you should have a very cramped space, placing a big bed in the middle of it is only going to make the room smaller. Your bedroom furniture is very important especially when considering the price that you will pay for it. Choose wisely, you will be much happier for it.

The mattress can also affect your sleep

Buying the wrong mattress can be a huge mistake for your sleep health. Sometimes we don’t even realise that the mattress we have bought is not at all the right mattress for our needs. Sleeping on the right mattress has the power to alleviate the outcomes of a bad nights rest. All those nights of tossing and turning, lying awake in your bed and waking up feeling as though you spend the last 8 hours awake have the possibility of becoming a thing of the past when you have the right mattress for your sleep needs.

People are not very good at selecting the right mattress. Many people will often feel out of place in a mattress shop, and this makes the choosing of mattresses a whole lot more difficult than it should need to be. Using the expert skill of people who work within the mattress industry or who sell mattresses for a living is a great way to ensure that you buy the correct mattress for your needs.

A mattress that feels as though it is giving you plenty of support while you were lying on it awake, might just become uncomfortable during your REM sleep. Each night our bodies go through different sleep stages. These stages are not just important for revitalising us but they are also important for cleaning our brains. Our bodies have a lymphatic system that rids our bodies of toxins that are eliminated by the cells. Our brains have their own cleaning system, one that is only activated in deep sleep. Having a mattress that is so uncomfortable that it wakes you up during the night can have bad consequences on your sleep health.

The importance of a great bed base

All the talk and all of the many articles that you will find about the importance of have the right mattress often leave out the importance of having a great quality bed base to complement the bed that you have bought.

A bed base is going to give your bed a nice finishing off, a great extra boost to the comfort and the support that you are expecting to get from the bed. If you have bought a bed that is aimed to be firm enough to give you a quality night’s sleep, then it makes sense to invest in a bed base that will aid it giving you more support. Think of your mattress as part of your sleep system, rather than thinking of it as the most important part of your bed. The bed base, pillows, blankets and mattress will need to work together to give you the sleep support that you need.

The sign of a sleep system not working so well is when you wake up feeling tired and/or aching in your limbs. While you might think that all you need to do is replace your mattress, you might also need to consider replacing your bed base and other parts of your bed that can cause you to have an uncomfortable night.

How to check if a bed base is a good one

Without the knowledge or a friendly helping hand, finding the right bed base can be very difficult. You have to know what you are looking for when you go out bed base shopping. When you are shopping, check to see if the base is sturdy and that it has been properly constructed. The base needs to be able to properly support a body without sagging and losing its shape. Keep in mind that some mattresses are heavier than others and that they have the ability to weigh the base down and cause sagging. At one time period the mattresses were made to be much lighter so the base did not have to support all that much extra weight.

Now that mattresses are heavier, the base needs to be able to support more weight than before.
The next thing that you will have to check is how much metal is within the base. You don’t want a base with many metal parts. A wooden base is the ideal one to buy as this will not attract radiation, something that metal bed bases have been known to do. Wooden bases can come in two types, slated and as a solid piece.

A bed base must be able to breathe as the mattress on top of it must receive enough amount of air to ensure that the mattress temperature is perfect. The slatted bed base is ideal for this purpose as it allows lots of air to circulate through the fabrics and fibres of the mattress. Some bed bases are a bit springy. This is great for beds with mattresses that do not have enough bounce to them. Be sure to keep these bed bases in mind the next time you are out shopping for them.

The bed bases of the more advanced beds on the market have been equipped with a motorised machine which moves the bed base with the touch of a button. These beds are similar to the ones that you see in the hospitals and they are great for people who have back problems and need to adjust the beds on which they are sleeping. The use of a remote control allows those using the bed to move it up and down until they find a position that best works for them. These advanced beds come in single sizes and sizes suitable for couples. For beds for couples, both halves of the bed are actually separate and are able to move independently.

Each person has their own sleeping needs and before you go out shopping for your new bed you need to identify which bed is actually perfect for your needs. Beds are an important health investment, so buying the right bed is the only thing that you can do to ensure that you get a proper night of rest, every night.

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Your downtime at night needs to be spent on a luxuriously comfortable mattress.
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