Bed Sizes

Ultimate Guide to Bed Sizes in South Africa

Size does count when it comes to choosing the right bed size.

Things to consider, include how long is the tallest person sleeping on the bed, is there enough space if you lie on your stomach with your hands under your head, and do you like to snuggle with your partner or have lots of free space between you?

Obviously, you need to think about the size of the room, how many people will be sleeping in the bed and what’s your budget.

A point to remember is the bigger the bed, the more weight it can support. The weight of a heavy person is dispersed more evenly over a larger space. Consider the weight of who is sleeping in the bed because it not only affects the size of the mattress you buy but also whether you choose the innerspring or memory foam/latex option.

Let’s look at your options for mattress and base sizes for beds on sale in South Africa:

Single Bed Size

Single mattress and base

91cm x 188cm

A single mattress and base set is perfect for small children who’ve just graduated out of a cot, and young children sleeping in smaller bedrooms. Linen and duvet sets for single beds are affordable.

They’re perfect for a guest room where two single beds can be pushed together to make a King-size bed, or teenagers can sleep in their beds.

Single mattress and bed sets that have been “retired” make excellent daybeds in playrooms or spare bedrooms for visitors and friends. A single bed can fit into any space and two single beds put together is perfect for adults who need more space and comfort.

A popular thing to do is to put two single beds together instead of buying an expensive King-size bed. Couples who complain of being disturbed often in the night by a restless partner find this the perfect solution to midnight fights over space and the duvet.

Double Bed Size

Double mattress and base

137cm x 188cm

A double bed is smaller than a Queen-size bed but suitable for two sleepers. A few brands on the market make double beds with extra length (200cm). A double bed is suitable for smaller and lightweight people, and ideal for young adults and teenagers.

Three Quarter Bed Size

Three-quarter mattress and base

107cm x 188cm

A three-quarter bed is ideal for young adults and older children. It’s slightly bigger than a single bed with more space for comfort. It doesn’t take up too much space in a child’s bedroom, and there’s a little extra room for Mom for a snuggle and to read a book.

Three-quarter beds are perfect for students living in residence or small rooms in communes. Most rooms at a university residence are small, and you still need space for a desk and chair.

It’s also the bed you choose when your young child has grown out of a single bed, but they aren’t old enough to graduate to a double bed. Three-quarter beds are available in extra length (200cm) in certain mattress ranges.

Queen Size Beds

Queen-size mattress and base

152cm x 188cm


A standard Queen-size bed is very popular, and a few brands are made with extra length (200cm). This size fits perfectly in most standard-size main bedrooms.

A Queen-size bed offers enough space for a couple and loads of space for single sleepers.

King Size Beds

Super King-size mattress and base

200cm x 200cm

This is the largest mattress and base available in South Africa. It’s the bed we all dream of owning. It’s the bed you find in high-end safari lodges and honeymoon suites in 5-star hotels. You can get lost in a Super King-size bed, which is not everyone’s choice. Many of us like our sleeping partners close for a midnight cuddle.

King-size mattress and base

183cm x 188 cm

Extra-length King-size mattress and base

183cm x 200 cm

A King-size bed is the same size as two single beds placed together. It’s the perfect size if you prefer space between you and your partner, and ideal if your partner is a restless sleeper.


Leading manufacturers of mattresses and bed bases offer the option of extra length for all sizes in their range. It’s common for people buying a King-size bed to go for the extra length.

The standard length of a bed is 188cm; an extra-length mattress is 200cm. It’s not a massive difference, but it gives sleepers with longer legs extra space to stretch their feet out to the end of the bed.

The only issue with buying an extra-length mattress and base is you need new linen. Fitted sheets that are not extra-length stretch tightly over the mattress and you’ll have that irritating problem of the sheet crumpling up at night when it comes loose.


Do you know King and Queen duvets and covers are the same width?

There is a 30cm difference in width between the two mattresses, but manufacturers of duvets and covers make both sizes230cm wide.

Funny thing is; King duvets are 20cm longer than Queen duvets, but both beds are the same length (188cm).

It’s a good idea to buy a King duvet and cover if you’ve bought a Queen-size mattress. This means the duvet drops down nicely on both sides of the mattress. A King duvet only drops down 24cms on each side of a King-size bed which means it doesn’t cover both sides of the mattress.

In fact, if you have a King-size bed with a 30cm deep mattress; a standard King duvet will not cover the mattress on both sides.

It’s an irritating fact but true.

You may have a tug of war on your hands!


As you can imagine, the most plush and luxurious beds that came onto the market in the early years were described as “fit for a King.” One assumes that the King got to sleep on a far superior and larger bed than his Queen. Remember, Kings and Queens, retired to their own bedrooms for regal privacy and comfort.

The first King to stamp his authority on beds was Louis XIV. He was obsessed with beds, and it’s rumored he owned more than 400; each more ornate and luxurious than the next. The beds were expansive and richly crafted, with pearls and figures of gold and silver woven into the embroidery panels.

Simmons was the first manufacturer to bring King- and Queen-size beds to the market in the late 1950s. They also marketed two single beds placed together as a twin bed.

The marketing label of King and Queen beds is solidly entrenched in consumers’ minds, and it does conjure up images of regal comfort and style. Throw in the luxurious comfort of memory foam and pillow-top cushions and the modern mattress today fit for a King and Queen.