Bunk Beds

When you think about a bunk bed, what do you imagine? Those beds from your youth that you had to share? Those stacked beds whose frames were full of scratches from years of childhood antics? These days the bunk beds for sale in various shops are designed to look great and be extra comfortable, they are no longer just for children either. Bunk beds are great for use in dormitories and backpacker lodges. They also maximize the space that is available in a bedroom, by allowing two people to comfortably sleep on the beds.
Bunk beds for sale include double bunk beds, a relatively new and stylish alternative to the more common ones that consist of two single stacked beds. And what’s more is these are designed out of wood or metal, giving them strength and durability.

Before you head out to shop for new bunk beds, here are a few facts that you should know:

  • For a child a bunk bed is going to be more than just a place for them to sleep, it is going to be a place for them to imagine a little world of their own. When your children are younger they can turn the bottom bunk bed into a little fortress and as they get older you can separate the two beds into two individual beds.
  • The first example of a bunk bed goes all the way back to the Egyptian times. Bunk beds have also been seen throughout history in the military world, where soldiers have slept on bunk beds within their barracks.
  • Bunk beds for sale come with or without rails around the top bed. Some beds come with rails that can be removed
  • Some of the more modern bunk beds come with stairs. The earlier types of bunk beds for sale came with a ladder

The general concern for parents who buy these for their children is that their child will fall off the top bed and be hurt. But with the safety features, such as railings, are used to prevent a person from falling over the edge.
The style of bunk beds for sale has been completely altered. The bottom bed of a bunk bed no longer has to be placed directly below the other. The L Shaped bunk bed is designed to have the upper bed cover the bed below but rather than having the bed parallel beneath it, the bottom bed is moved out. The beds then form an L shape.
The evolving shape of the bunk bed has given rise to a new popular style of a bunk bed or double bunk beds. If the double bunk bed sounds a bit scarier than the average bunk beds for sale, you are not the only one who is thinking this.

Here are five tips for using double bunk beds safely:

  • Keep your child’s age in mind. For the younger child, having a double bunk bed might not be the safest idea. If your child is younger than 9 then you should let them sleep on the bottom bunk of the bed.
  • Don’t play on the top bed of the double bunk beds. A top bunk is no place for a child to be playing. Jumping on the upper bed can cause them to fall off and be badly hurt. Make sure that when you bring a double bunk bed, or any other bunk bed, to home that this message is driven into them.
  • Don’t place a double bunk bed directly beneath a fan or light fixture and make sure that there are at least 2 meters between the top bunk and the ceiling. You don’t want an avoidable accident to happen.
  • Make sure that the ladder is correctly attached to the bunk beds. If the ladder can be detached then it might be a good idea to remove it during the day so that your children don’t play on it.

Double bunks don’t necessarily have two separate single beds, one at the top and one at the bottom. Some double bunk beds have the single bed at the top and a double bed at the bottom. This is both practical and it looks good.
Choosing any piece of bedroom furniture is not a task that should be done lightly. A bed is going to be an investment so you want to carefully consider not only the furniture but also the mattress that you are going to be placed on the top and on the bottom of these bunk beds. Naturally, with such a decision to be made, you might not always know exactly what furniture and mattress will be best, and this is where we can help you. When you are looking for bunk beds for sale or a double bunk bed, let our team at The Mattress Warehouse assist you.

Bunk Beds