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Our Luxurious Linens and Linen Range:

Who our Linen Brands are and why we choose them:

We pride ourselves in bringing you the very best of the linen industry by supplying only the best linen manufacturers products available in the linen manufacturing industry. The linen products we present to you with are amongst the top on the market and beam excellence and reliability. Brands that make it onto our distribution list are revered, renowned, and highly trustworthy making for satisfied and pleased customers. We realise that you do not need the extra hassle in your life of having to shift through the thousands of dubious linen brands to get to the ones that matter. Therefore, we have dedicated our time to bringing you the cream of the crop for the ultimate selection of style, quality, and superiority. Enjoy the luxury of resting in peace having made a decision through us with the help of our hard-earned expertise.

The Linen House is one of our brands that provides our lovely thread count bed linens including fitted sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases and more. An Australian company, The Linen House provides a luxurious linen collection, quality manufactured and stylish. Their linen products are soft and comforting making for sweet dreams.

In addition, our stunning Sealy products are well known for their style, distinction, and quality. Constantly innovating and improving their designs and approaches to furniture and linen – the Sealy brand industry is respected for the trustworthiness and long-lasting durability of its products. Some, like the Bamboo mattress and pillow protector, incorporate new and intriguing approaches to these valued and traditional products boasting a unique spin in the linen industry.

What Good Bed Linen offers and affects:

Bed linen will affect everything in your room. From the first impression when you walk in, to the atmosphere of the room, to the sense you get when you sit down – everything can benefit or suffer from the quality of your bed linen. Having good linen will improve the flow, and appeal of your space. Furthermore, linen helps regulate your body temperature and provides a light and airy escape at the end of a long and stressful day.

How to choose your Luxurious Linen and How to take Care of it:

Linen plays a vital role in a positive experience while getting some rest. Because the fabric is what is constantly in contact with your skin it is under great pressure to be soft to the touch and smooth to avoid any irritancy. In today’s world it is a good idea, as it has always agreed to have been, to invest in cotton bedding. Cotton is renowned for its beneficial and lovely advantages including breathability, comfort and durability. These aspects help you to sleep in peace the whole night through without disturbance. The durability of Cotton is also invaluable in helping you to stay on top of things whether in what to budget for next, or in when to find time to search for what to invest in – saving you time and energy by sticking it through with you.

Next up make sure you take a look and find out which texture you prefer in regard to the thread count. Remember, a higher thread count does not necessarily mean a softer touch as some of the more silky-smooth bed linens have a lower thread count. This is due to the varying thickness of threads which mean that not all thread counts are a reliable form of predicting the softness and smoothness of your potential bedding.  Also take into account who your linen will serve. For those in the hospitality industry a more durable and strong linen such as a poly cotton mix is preferable.

Weave, which is how the linen is woven together, also plays a major role in texture and appeal. It is best to feel some of these in person to make a confident choice as to which you prefer. Keep in mind allergies and sensitivity in order to perfect your choice.

Seasonality also plays a role as when you are in summer a cooler, more refreshing linen might be chosen above a more comforting and insulating texture and style.

Conveniently, Linen is also practical and easy to take care of making your lifestyle routine all the easier for it. However, it is advised to use a colder and softer wash to preserve the precious quality of your bedding. In addition, it is always crucial to adhere to the manufacturer’s care instructions that are expressed on the tag, box, or pamphlet that accompanies your stunning linen.

Why you should get new Bed Linen:

To keep your room feeling new it is a good idea to get new linen. This will improve not only the atmosphere of your room as well as the look, but also affect your mood. New linen is a sure-fire way to brighten up your day leaving you feel refreshed and rewarded and ready for what the day brings.

Short summary of our available Linen products for your pleasure:

Our Delicate and Admirable Duvet Covers:

– Basel 500 thread count cotton (Super King, Queen, King, Double, Three Quarter, Single)

– Oxford 250 thread count cotton (Queen, King, Double, Three Quarter, Single)

– Poly Cotton 250 thread count (Queen, King, Double, Three Quarter, Single)

Our beautiful and sleek Flat Sheets:

– Basel 500 thread count Cotton (King XL, King, Queen, Double, Three Quarter XL, Three Quarter, Single XL)

– Cotton 250 thread count (King, Queen, Double, Single)

– Poly Cotton 250 thread count (King, Queen, Double, Single)

Our enticingly reliable Fitted Sheets:

– Basel 500 thread count cotton (King XL, King, Queen XL, Queen, Double XL, Double, Single XL, Single)

– Cotton 250 thread count (King XL, King, Queen XL, Queen, Double XL, Double, Three Quarter XL, Three Quarter, Single XL, Single)

– Poly Cotton 250 thread count (King XL, King, Queen XL, Queen, Double XL, Double, Three Quarter XL, Three Quarter, Single XL, Single)

Our marvellous and effective Mattress Protectors:

– Bamboo Waterproof (King XL, King, Queen XL, Queen, Double XL, Double, Three Quarter XL, Three Quarter, Single XL, Single)

– Waterproof Terry Towel (King XL, King, Queen XL, Queen, Double XL, Double, Three Quarter XL, Three Quarter, Single XL, Single)

Our precious and special Pillowcases:

-Basel 500 thread count cotton (Continental, European, King Standard, Standard)

-Cotton 250 thread count (Standard)

-Poly Cotton 250 thread count (Standard)

Our innovative and guiding Pillow Protectors:

-Sealy Quilted (Standard)

-Waterproof Pillow Protector

-Bamboo Waterproof

It is our mission to help you every step of your journey in perfecting the design, style, and furniture of your house and bedrooms providing extreme quality products extolling reassurance and guidance.