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You might expect the king size bed price to be largely out of your range. You might also expect king size beds for sale to be only from the most extravagant manufacturers. But the king size bed is not completely out of your price range, what you should be considering rather is whether or not it will fit into your bedroom.

The king size beds for sale are the largest beds on the market. Every great mattress manufacturer, such as Simmons, Genessi and Cloud Nine Beds, will manufacture a king size bed that is not only spacious but that is able to support the body in every way.

King size bed facts

All of your bed research has probably brought up the king size bed prices and a few of the dynamic features that certain king size beds will have. But there is more to the king size bed than you think. Here are a few king size bed facts that you probably don’t know about:

  1. Considered to be the first taste the world got of a king size bed, this example was built in England in 1590. A carpenter by the name of Jonas Fosbrooke built a massive bed for a nearby inn. The bed was large enough to sleep 15 people and it was designed as a tourist attraction. A beautiful 4 poster made out of oak, this bed is certainly much bigger than the modern king size bed!
  2. In 1960 we have our first introduction to the modern king size bed. It was built in California and these king size beds were for sale to and mostly sold to big celebrity clients.
  3. By the 1970’s and 1980’s the king size bed was a massive hit in the USA, enabling manufacturers to go into mass production.
  4. The California King Mattress is a variation of the king size mattress that is much larger than the average king size beds for sale. The prices for these king size beds can be a lot more as well.
  5. In South Africa, the average size of a king size bed is 183cm by 188cm.

The king size bed will usually need a couple more pillows to create a comfortable atmosphere. The king size bed is great for those couples who like to enjoy a little bit more space during the night.

King Size Bed Prices

Let’s be honest, when most of us go shopping the one thing that is going to become a determining factor for whether or not we buy the bed is the price. But king size bed prices are not the shocking amount that you might be imagining. These days the price for a king size bed (mattress excluded) can start at around R 5000 depending on what brand of bed you are looking at.

Even the average king size beds for sale are designed to last long, but you should consider a number of other factors before you settle on the bed and mattress that looks the nicest.

Firstly consider what is inside the mattress, memory foam or latex? Why is this important? Because you want to have value for money. Both the memory foam and the latex foam are great options depending on your body. If you prefer more support for your posture then memory foam is the way to go, while if you want a mattress that is better able to regulate the heat then the latex foam is the better choice.

You should also consider if the bed has springs within it and what type of springs it has. You always want to choose the springs that are designed to be long lasting and to support you in every way. After all, the mattress that you invest in needs to be able to give you that quality sleep that you need in order to live a productive lifestyle.

So before you buy one of the king sized beds for sale ask yourself this: Do I have the space? Is this the style that I love? Is this big bed going to fit through my front door? Have I looked at all of my mattress options?

Once you have answered all of these questions and found a bed that suits your price range and all of your unique sleep needs, why not browse through our ranges at My New Bed?

Not only do we stock some of the best brands for king size beds, but we also keep a wonderful range of bunk beds and queen size beds. And along with those we have double beds for sale and single beds for sale. Are you having difficulty choosing from the bed sizes? Our team can guide you when you are selecting the right bed size.

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