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When people tell you that you will spend almost half of your life asleep, they are not exaggerating. If you live to be 90 you will have spent around 30 years of your life on a bed. When you think of it this way you will realise that buying a new bed is not something that should be rushed, it is something that will require your very careful attention and research. Queen size beds for sale come in many different styles and because of their style they can vary in price.

The type of bed frame that comes with a bed this big and beautiful can have some unique features such as drawers in the base or built-in shelves in the headboard. The quality of a product should always be placed above all else and when you are shopping around for a queen size bed, you should be sure to keep this simple shopping idea in mind.

Life is too short to sleep on a small uncomfortable bed, have you ever considered buying a queen size bed?

But just before you rush out to buy that queen size bed for sale, here are some facts you should know:

  1. The queen size bed is only a few centimetres smaller than the king size bed. This bed will provide more than enough sleeping space for two people.
  2. These beds usually have frames that are made out of wood or metal and they are great for all types of mattresses.
  3. There is such a thing as a queen size storage bed which is made out of wood. If you have a smaller bedroom and want to have a bit more space, then this is a great bed because the drawers are built into the base to give you more storage space.
  4. The queen size bed is great for the whole family and by this we mean there is enough space for two partners along with their children and pets.
  5. The length of the queen size bed can be either 188cm which is considered to be the standard length or it can be 200cm which is when an additional 12cm is added.

Queen size beds for sale should be bought from only the best and most reputable mattress companies. When buying a bed of this size, along with the all-important and valuable mattress you are likely to be paying out a large amount of money. This makes choosing the right mattress and bed frame for your needs an important investment. Queen size beds for sale, especially those sold online, are cheaper than ever before.

When you are shopping online you will find that on certain websites the prices for a good quality, reliable queen size mattress will start at around R 2000, although this is without the mattress. The cheaper versions of the queen sized beds for sale is a great option for the first queen size bed that you will own. This will allow you to save up for a bigger bed or even for another queen sized bed.

Just a few of the great queen size bed choices include the Superior Cloud Nine Bed, the Vermont Pocket Spinalign Bed, the Classic Deluxe Simmons Bed and the Ascot Rest Assured Bed.

The different styles of queen sized

  1. The Four Poster

A four poster bed is great for any bedroom if the room is large enough. The most elegant four poster beds are made with wood and the four corners of the bed extend towards the ceiling.  These beds can be raised off of the ground to allow for extra storage space beneath them.

  1. The Sleigh Bed

The queen sized sleigh bed is not only beautiful to look at but it is also very snug and comfortable to sleep in. The sleigh bed gets its name from looking like a sleigh. These classic bed styles can be placed in any bedroom but they will look exceptionally great in a bedroom that is larger than the average room.

  1. The Classic Bed

The classic queen size beds for sale are usually the most popular of these beds around. They are simplistic in style and they are able to accommodate any type of queen size mattress. These beds are easy to get into and out of a home and they are usually a whole lot cheaper than the other beds that are made out of wood.

It is time that you upgraded your bed to a queen size piece of luxury. And My New Bed has the range of beds that can make the biggest difference in your life. With beds from the Simmons Range, Silent Night Beds range and the Cloud Nine Bed range.

Have a look through our online shop to see what other queen size beds we have for sale and while you are there why not have a look at our king size beds for sale.

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