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A single bed is the first bed that a child is likely to own and they are great for those living on their own. The standard single bed in South Africa is 92cm in width and 188cm in length. These beds can be given an extra bit of length, very appropriate for those who are taller. Single beds for sale are possibly the most common bed type you can buy.

Most beds are designed to hold a particular amount of weight so when you are selecting your bed make sure that you have bought the bed that is designed to hold your body weight. Buying a bed that is designed for a lighter person might not only damage the bed but it might also damage your body by not giving you the support that you need.

Are you looking for a single bed for sale? Are you wondering how best to care for your new bed? These helpful tips will keep your bed in a great condition.

  1. Give your mattress an airing. You don’t want to know just how stuffy and dirty a mattress can get when you don’t air it. This is especially true if you jump out of bed each morning and immediately make it again. The mattress takes a lot of moisture as you sleep each night. What you should do when you get out of bed each morning is throw back the duvet and let the air refresh your mattress. While it might not look like anything is happening, you can be sure that the mattress is benefiting greatly.
  2. Some mattresses won’t need this next tip: rotating. These days some of the best mattresses on the market, such as the Cloud Nine Epic Comfort Bed and the Spinalign Ortho Pillow Top Bed, are designed to never have to be turned or rotated. They are designed in such a way that they are able to keep their shape and comfort for years without there being an issue. If you buy a mattress that does not need to be turned then you will have to make sure that each month you make the time to rotate your mattress. This will revive the mattress and bring back it’s comforting spring.
  3. If you haven’t invested in a mattress protector just yet then now is the time to buy that all important cover that is going to protect your mattress from dirt and from damage. The mattress protector is made from a very strong material that is going to give the mattress the protection that will allow it a longer life span while remaining in a good condition.
  4. Brush your bed lightly or give it a good vacuum. The mattress is going to collect fluff and or types of unwanted dirt. Cleaning this off of the bed can be a time-consuming task and removing the dirt and fluff is not always easy. So it is a good idea to vacuum the bed when you have stripped it for a wash.
  5. Lastly, try not to sit on the edges of your bed too often or for too long. This can cause the edges to sag and be damaged. Rather rest on the middle of the bed. Some beds do come with edge protection that prevents sagging from happening.

Single beds for sale shouldn’t be approached with anything other than careful consideration. They are just as important as a purchase as any other bed you might consider. Single bed mattresses are designed to provide you with the same comfort and support as a bigger mattress can provide. Single beds can have mattresses that give your body great posture support and as a result a comforting night of rest.

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