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The Fantastic Furniture at My New Bed :

What Fabulous Furniture we have to offer:

Here at the My New Bed we present to you only the best available. We love to bring quality furniture to you. Enjoy the peace that comes with knowing you can trust the brands that you see here. Amongst our prestigious brands and ranges are the Superior Sealy, Sublime Serta, Magnificent Michael Calvin, and the Classic Cloud Nine… and many more! We search for the best quality combined with reasonability so that you can buy in quantity without guilt. Enjoy our easy access both local and online or simply contact our sales people for in depth information and advice. Our products are reliable and insured so that you can rest assured at night. With such renowned and respected brands, we offer a large range of sizes and warranties unique to each product.

For a quick overview of our subsections take a look at our break down of the list:

Beautiful Baby Cots:

-Enjoy the simplicity of getting back to baby basics with our reliable and perfectly suitable Sealy cots and cribs. Make the most of our free shipping and delivery by ordering online for your utmost ease and convenience in your special time of awaiting.

Bountiful Bunk Beds:

-Embrace your space whilst creating more. These sturdy and reliable bunk beds by Michael Calvin are not only uniquely designed but also created with care and style leaving any room looking elegant with elongated lines and clear structures.

Amazing Adjustable Beds:                    

-Offering an exclusive range of luxurious and elegant mattresses these Cloud Nine adaptable beds are splendidly extravagant. Ultimate comfort, support, and style are spoken fluently with these designs.

Kids Beds / Bedroom Sets:

-Beautifully and creatively designed by Michael Calvin these unique and special furniture pieces will brighten up any room and excite every child keeping them keen on naps and bedtime.

Handsome Headboards:

-These helpful headboards keep your hair and head safe from the cold wall whilst providing amiable comfort for times when you sit in your bed. Perfectly suited for every style and preference with a large range of Michael Calvin pieces.

Luxurious Leather Touch Beds:

-These Michael Calvin pieces sport style with their sleek and cool effect. Enjoy the luxurious feel and cool touch of these masterpieces.

Super Sleeper Couches:

-These couches are only the best offering quality and affordability. Maximize your space and enjoy your new-found convenience couches.

Steel Beds:

-Get back to the basics with easy to assemble and simplistic structures.

Wonderful Wooden Beds:

-Feel the freedom and luxury of a wooden bed. Enjoy the sensational soft touch and warm welcoming effect that these magnificent Michael Calvin designs offer.

Perfect Pedestals:

-These Michael Calvin masterpieces are the epitome of convenience and cover ups as they hide your mess without stress. Treat yourself to a highly convenient and helpful piece of furniture.

Why you should buy at the My New Bed:

We believe that we are your best option. How are we so confident? Because we make sure that we do everything we can to be the most convenient, most reasonable, and the most helpful mattress business for you.

Most Convenient:

With Free Shipping Nationwide Delivery, we go right up to your doorstep meaning that you no longer have to stress or worry about getting your furniture where you need it. Beds, Headboards, Cupboards… these can all be extremely heavy and to attempt them alone can be overwhelming – dangerous even. We just want what is best for you, so we make sure that we stick it through. All the way through.

Also, our online presence makes for easy access with simple and effective guidance making for clean cut exchanges. Our branches are numerous, and our reputation is irrefutably fantastic. Enjoy the ease of accepting our advice and trusting our help.

Most Reasonable:

We pride ourselves in finding you the best deals for the best quality. We know that as a human being you are a long-term user of your mattress, so we devote ourselves to providing only the best, most reliable, most durable, and highest quality. Without these features, your bed will not last, nor will your loyalty. Trust us to help you find the best price for the best bed because we care.

Most Helpful:

With friendly staff and informed sales persons, we are here to aid and advise whether online or in person. Furthermore, our wide range of products means that you can coordinate or mix and match to your desired preference without fear of overcomplicated mix ups and confusion. Get it all with confidence and pleasure at yours truly, My New Bed.

The Basics you need for your Bedroom:

For a well-rounded and fully functional bedroom make sure to peruse these furniture items to ensure the perfect final picture.


Cupboards are essential for an orderly and functional room. Whether you are a clean freak or a messy coper, cupboards are a sure-fire necessity for your day to day activities.

-Bedside Tables:

Bedside Tables or Pedestals are a great way to store and sort out your tid bits from your hectic day to day life. Having a pedestal next to your bed provides ultimate comfort and an easy escape for cleaning up in a rush. The extra Surface Area is ideal for bed lamps when staying up late reading that book or binging all seven glorious seasons of your favourite show.


These head savers not only spare your head a cold hard hit in the morning but also provide extra warmth and comfort for those late-night sprees whether binging or reading keeping you happy.

The Extras that Matter:

For that final finish that seals the deal make sure that you catch a few if not all of these furniture pieces to enhance the style of you room and highlight your aesthetic.

-Beautiful Bedframes:

Pick and choose from our sophisticated range of elegant styles for the perfect bedframe that speaks to you. Make the room your own displaying your preferences and emphasizing your style.


Perfect your outfits and create the perception of space with smart and specific stationing of mirrors for the full effect in your room.

Dressing Tables:

Treat yourself to ease and convenience by enhancing your room with this beautiful product. Allow this design to revolutionise your day to day habits, effortlessly improving your lifestyle.

Benefits and Advantages of buying with us:

To wrap it up, we recommend ourselves to you because we provide:

-quality with trusted brands that you love

-a huge variety in quantity all in one place – minimizing confusion

-a trusted and renowned reputation for reliability

-and because we pride ourselves in being accessible and available for your utmost convenience

Come on over and check out our super stock of furniture.