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What makes Cloud Nine Beds unique?

Cloud Nine beds are not dubbed South Africa’s favourite bed for no reason. Our rich heritage of style and comfort spoke for itself and ministered through the pleasant experience of owning one of our beds.

Long, long ago in 1968, our exclusive brand was founded by Walter Lourie in the Cape. People loved us, and soon we were available all over South Africa with stores popping up in Pretoria, Randburg, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and even Durban. Back then we were made famous by our quality beds and reasonable prices combined with fabulous features. The story has not changed much since then. Our standard of high quality has not dropped either as we have settled as a top pick amongst South Africans. Our products are guaranteed to fulfill their purpose with quality and durability.

Our factories do not just produce our lovely beds and mattresses but wooden and upholstered bases along with memory foam too! In fact, our fantastic memory foam has become one of our best-loved features. Memory foam knitted ticking, polyurethane foam, polyester fibre, woven damask, and the wooden bed bases are all produced on site by Strandfoam our manufacturing division in Cloud Nine. We are the future of the bed industry with our reputation for being one of the best foam bed companies in the world. Our ability to combine this memory foam with technology sets us apart in grit, glory, and guts. On top of all this, we ensure an ultra-modern design that appeals to the eye.

The Wooing Wonders of the Cloud Nine beds:

The wooing wonders of the Cloud Nine features include the unique and thoughtful designs that improve your sleeping experience at night. The first feature that the Cloud Nine Brand boasts is its zero movement transferability. It means that sharing with partners no longer has to be a hassle. Enjoy your deep sleep from climbing in early or sit back and relax only dropping off late into the night – either way, the bed is all yours as your movements do not affect your partner. It is especially great for deep REM sleep as it accommodates your needs for complete peace.

Furthermore, we offer you amazing benefits for your spine. We care about your health. Unfortunately, many people suffer from back pain as a result of poor quality mattresses and lack of innovation. This, however, will not be you. Enjoy the grace and ease of our amazing memory foam and indulgent support. Cloud Nine beds ease and soothe your aching back with designs that improve your spine’s position. For even more support check out our beds targeted on helping your back every night in the best way possible.

What more do you ask? Well going all the way as we do, almost all of our mattresses and beds are hypo-allergenic. Having treated our quality foam, we offer you relief for your senses and weary nerves. No more waking up or staying up late – give your allergies a chance to calm down away from the hectic bustle and hustle of life.

Of course, that is not all. Finally, on our list of four fantastic features from the Cloud Nine bed range, we present to you the wonder of no pressure points. As you may know, lesser beds get designed with parts that cause pressure points or an uneven spread of your weight leading to an uncomfortable night for your body. It is essential to make sure that like our great beds, you too have a pressure point free mattress for the ultimate, peaceful, and undisturbed rest.

Oh, and Cloud Nine Beds are also SABS approved. What does that mean for you? It says that along with being CASA endorsed (Chiropractic Association of South Africa) they are rooted in luxury and plush comfort that is certifiably perfect for you.


Your Ultimate Cloud Nine Comfort Guide to make it through the night:


It is so important to know what you need in a bed. With so many brands zooming about and hoping to lure you in it can become overwhelming to even think about which mattress to buy. Not to mention what level of firmness you should be requesting. But never fear, we are here to help you understand the mysteries and marvels of the firmness levels of beds. Along with the help of our Comfort level indicator, we will help you find the perfect plush padding or fantastically firm foam for you. So, here we have:

Level One:

The First and Firmest. Level one offers you the toughest and the leanest designed for back sleepers that take it back to the basics. Side and stomach sleepers beware – Level one leaves no room for plush padding as it wondrously aids your spine and strongly supports your body.

Level Two:

Leveling up a bit we retain the wondrous spine realigning abilities of the Level one comfort level while adding that bit of extra padding that makes a mattress feel like home. Although the back sleepers still rule this level, stomach sleepers who enjoy the firm support can join in too.

Level Three:

The perfect go-to basis. If you are worried about preferences or struggling to compromise the Level Three comfort is ideal for you. This supportive firmness combined with comfortable plush provides the perfect intermediary between the side, back, and stomach sleepers. It is unique in its capability to provide for the hospitality industry pleasing all at the same time.

Level Four:

But where would we be without a little softness? Level four beds offer delicious sinking comfort for back and side sleepers. The enveloping hug effect here focusses on pressure relief. Beware all stomach sleepers as the unwelcome arch in your back from this much softness might be too much for you.

Level Five:

The final level with the most profound depth of comfort and softness. Pressure relief galore, enjoy drifting away to dreamland on this perfectly plush cushion. Although it must be said, stomach sleepers should steer clear.

Sizes and Sales – what we offer you:


We desire to provide you with the best deal that you can get. Keep your eye open for delicious deals and superior sales in the media. Our clearance sales at the Mattress Warehouse are a great spot to check out! Along with amazing and tempting features that improve your life, we also offer free shipping nationwide delivery – only the best for you.

Cloud Nine Bed Price Comparison

Manufacturer Range Model Weight Warranty Prices*
Cloud Nine Rapid Reform Posture Foam 85KG p/p 12 Year R3899-00
Cloud Nine Rapid Reform Classic 90KG p/p 15 Year R4899-00
Cloud Nine Arctic Blue Supreme 135KG p/p 20 Year R4999-00
Cloud Nine iSleep Superior Comfort 105KG p/p 15 Year R4999-00
Cloud Nine Euro Latex Chateau 120KG p/p 20 Year R6899-00
Cloud Nine iSleep Grande 145KG+ p/p 25 Year R8099-00
Cloud Nine Motion SloMotion 130KG p/p 20 Year R26 399-00

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Cloud Nine Bed Prices – Beds & Mattress Sizes

Cloud Nine Bed Types and Sizes Measurements (cm) & Dimensions Measurements in Inches Bed Prices*
Cloud Nine Single Bed size 91cm x 188cm 35.8 x 74 inches R3899-00
Cloud Nine Single Extra Length (XL) Bed Size 91cm x 200cm 35.8 x 78.74 inches R4299-00
Cloud Nine Three Quarter Bed Size 107cm x 188cm 42.13 x 74.01 inches R4499-00
Cloud Nine Three Quarter Extra Length (XL) Bed Size 107cm x 200cm 42.13 x 78.74 inches R4999-00
Cloud Nine Double Bed Size 137cm x 188cm 53.93 x 74.01 inches R5099-00
Cloud Nine Extra Length (XL) Double Bed Size 137cm x 200cm 53.93 x 78.74 inches R5599-00
Cloud Nine Queen Bed Size 152cm x 188cm 59.84 x 74.01 inches R5499-00
Cloud Nine XL Queen Bed Size 152cm x 200cm 59.84 x 78.74 inches R5999-00
Cloud Nine King Bed Size 183cm x 188cm 72.04 x 74.01 inches R12199-00
Cloud Nine XL King Bed Size 183cm x 200cm 72.04 x 78.74 inches R12999-00