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Buy Cloud Nine Beds and Mattresses Online

The luxury of these beds will make you wonder how you ever slept on any other bed. You can buy your affordable Cloud Nine Beds online using our easy website. My New Bed is a proud supporter of this South African bed company.

Cloud Nine Beds are manufactured in cities around the country and have been since 1968. Each is designed in a modern style that is suitable for every home. These affordable beds are made using high-quality fabrics and foams such as polyurethane foam, memory foam, polyester fibre, knitted ticking, woven damask and many of the beds are finished off with a wooden base. With such quality all in one mattress, there is very little doubt why many South Africans prefer this bed brand.

Offering luxurious comfort with an affordable price tag, these beds are incredibly popular. A commitment to high standards and using only the very best quality materials, a Cloud Nine Bed is going to have you sleeping well every night. The beds in this brand are ideal for a number of reasons; they are great for those with back complaints, they are great for those suffering from allergies, and they are the ideal option for those who are easily woken by a sleeping partner.

Each of the mattresses is made to support the sleeping body using memory foam and other materials, depending on the bed you are looking at. The selection of beds, many of which are made with memory foam, is guaranteed to support the back in all of the right ways, preventing and easing back pain. The fabrics and fibres within the bed are also hypoallergenic which means that dust, bacteria and anything else that might bring on an allergy attack will be prevented.

Choosing the right Cloud Nine Bed

There are 6 mattress brands within this range that will have you sleeping exceptionally well. The Arctic Blue, i-Sleep, Slomotion, Euro Latex Natural i-Rest, Rapid Form and the Strand Mattress ranges are all part of this famous South African brand. Each of these ranges is designed in such a way that they will support your sleeping body, ensuring that you will have a comfortable night every night.

The Arctic Blue bed is designed with a pillow top feature which aids in improving the comfort of the bed. Along with a cooling gel-infused memory foam feature and a polyurethane posture support core. This bed is pure luxury for those who want to improve their sleep. This bed is also allergy free and non-toxic.

A combination of polyurethane and memory foam are used to create the mattresses in the i-Sleep bed range. Together these materials are used to create mattresses for specific preferences in comfort, feel and body weights.

The Slomotion bed range is manufactured in Germany. These high-quality reclining beds are created with the very best sleep technology along with quality materials such as natural latex. The mattresses in this bed range are exceptionally durable.  The Slomotion beds are reclining beds.

The Euro-Latex I-Rest beds are designed for comfort. These mattresses are manufactured using different densities of polyurethane foam along with Euro-Latex. There are 4 beds within the range and each is made with the very best sleep technology.

The Rapid Form mattresses are a house brand ideal for the whole family and designed to suit all sorts of sleep needs. Made using polyurethane foams, the range is a combination of beds that are designed to turn and those that are non-turn.

Cloud Nine Beds are South Africa’s luxurious affordable beds. There is a mattress that will suit everyone’s needs. The mattresses are approved by both the Chiropractic Association of South Africa and SABS.