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Edblo Beds and Mattresses: The Affordable South African Bed

Don’t you want to treat yourself to luxury sleep? Now you can when you buy an affordable Edblo bed from My New Bed.

When you are looking for a bargain bed, one that is proudly manufactured in South Africa, Edblo Beds might just be the brand you are looking for. Manufacturing beds since 1927, Edblo beds and mattresses have become one of the most affordable, and trusted bed manufacturers. They only use the best materials when it comes to making beds and there is an option for every member of the family. Every bed size is available, from the large and roomy king size bed to the comfortable and snug single bed.

These are among the best beds out there, built for your comfort while also ideal for anyone wanting a little more comfort and support. Along with guaranteeing you comfort, Edblo mattresses and beds are also guaranteed to have a good long lifespan, which should give you peace of mind.

My New Bed is the proud supplier of affordable Edblo beds and we currently stock the best of the range, which includes the Energiser Collection, the Crown Range and the Pocket Collection.

If you are the owner of an accommodation facility or perhaps you are in charge of marking sure that a hospital has the right beds for the recuperation of its patients, you cannot go wrong with an Edblo bed. What makes these beds so ideal for these industries is that they are designed to accommodate people of all different shapes and sizes. Their high durability means there won’t be the worry that the bed will quickly deteriorate and become horribly uncomfortable after just a few years of use.

How to buy the right Edblo bed

With the wide variety of different beds for sale from the Edblo range, it can be rather difficult to know if you are making the right decisions. Buying a new bed is all about finding the right bed to suit your unique sleep needs. Edblo has a bed for everyone, and the two ways that you can make sure that you have found the right bed for you is to do your research and to talk to a sleep consultant.

My New Bed gives you the unique opportunity to shop online. In some ways, you might think that by doing this you will be unable to talk to the professionals. But this is not the case. With a helpful and easy to use live chat option on the site, as well as the option of emailing your questions directly to the store,  you will easily find the right Edblo bed.

Every Edblo mattress for sale from My New Bed has certain features that are designed for posture support and comfort. The Pocket Collection is well known for its innerspring pocket coil technology which is used to provide you with an extra amount of support. The springs move individually to minimise movement related sleep disturbance.

The Energiser collection is just for your comfort. The ComfiCoil Spring System provides these beds with additional strength as well as a little more firmness. These beds also reduce the amount of sleep disturbance you might experience.

Finally, the Crown Range of beds are very low maintenance, no turn beds. These beds are made using the Bonnell Spring system, which is known for its extra support.