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Enjoy Exclusive Offers When You Buy Fabbro Beds and Mattresses Online

At My New Bed our prices are competitive and when you make the comparisons, few beds can compare to a Fabbro.

My New Bed stocks the famous Italian bed brand that has taken South Africa by storm. This is a luxury bed brand, but its affordable prices make it a great option for anyone looking to spoil themselves. When Fabbro beds are manufactured, the finest attention to detail is given to each product. And when details are combined with excellent materials, you are guaranteed to get the very best bed.

Fabbro mattresses have been on the market for around 50 years. And with each passing year, experience, innovation and expertise help this bed company to improve their mattresses. The best comfort and just the right amount of support are what you can expect when you buy a new Fabbro. The team aims to become the best bed company in the industry, and you can see the effort they put into each new bed when you try out a Fabbro.

These beds are sure to change the way that you sleep. For the better, of course. When you select the right Fabbro bed for your unique sleep needs, you are unlikely to ever go back to your previous mattress brand. While these beds can be more costly than other bed brands, they are certainly still rather affordable. Besides, you should never compromise on your sleep or base your buying decisions completely on price alone.

The Complete Collection

Research is a must when you are choosing your Fabbro bed. We offer our customers a selection of 8 incredible beds from 2 collections (the Classic Collection and the Grand Collection). Because these are not your average beds, every bed available in the Fabbro brand is protected by a guarantee and a warranty. The Classic Collection includes the Siena bed, the Milan bed, the Venezia bed and the Treviso bed. The Grand Collection includes the Grand Elegance bed, the Grand Royal bed and the Grand Splendour bed.

With pocket zones, memory foam, organic cashmere covers, Smart Active Cell Support System, and extra layers of foam for comfort, any Fabbro bed is a great choice.

As these are your more top of the range, luxury beds, you can expect that each bed is made to give you the most comfort and support as possible. Using comfort technology as well as perfectly put together spring systems, you will never have an uncomfortable night again. The fabrics used to make the beds are all breathable. This helps to keep the bed fresh while it also reduces allergies and smells. The combination of the spring systems and the various fabrics, foams and fibres allows the mattress to move with your body. This is important as often an uncomfortable bed can wake you while you turn during the night.

We love this bed range because, in every way, this bed is designed for great sleep. This company goes above and beyond to ensure that every Fabbro bed lives up to the company’s reputation. You can buy a stunning new Fabbro mattress online when you buy a bed from My New Bed.