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Enjoy Extra Comfort with Genessi Beds and Mattresses

Among the many bed brands available for sale from My New Bed, we have the magnificent Genessi bed range.

Genessi beds are really affordable and like other similar bed brands, Genessi mattresses are great for providing plenty of excellent support and comfort. Regardless of your unique sleep needs, there is a Genessi bed just for you. These are high-quality beds, with each bed made using the very best fabric, foams and springs.

This bed brand aims to always give the sleeper the right amount of quality sleep. With that in mind, Genessi beds are ideal for those looking to revive their bodies after a long day at work. As one of the only bed brands that use technology created by NASA, the comfort and support provided by this bed is unlike anything else. And what makes this brand even better is that it is one of the most affordable bed ranges on today’s market.

Genessi beds and mattresses have been available for sale since the 1960’s and with their 50 plus years in the industry, many happy customers have walked away with their dream bed. At My New Bed, we stock this amazing bed brand because we know that it is one of the best quality brands out there. This means that when we sell a Genessi to the public, the customer is going to be more than happy with their choice. If customers aren’t happy, or should the bed take untimely, unexpected damage, the mattress is protected by a warranty.

Why should you buy a Genesis bed?

It’s what’s on the inside that really counts. And Genessi doesn’t do anything by halves. Every piece needed to put the mattress together is carefully chosen. Only the best fibres and fabrics are chosen, which makes this bed brand a fantastic choice for everyone, regardless of their budgets. Genessi mattresses are also available in every size, including XL options.

If you are not yet convinced that this is the best bed brand for you, here are some of the features that you can look forward to.

  • No worries about pressure points waking you up in the night. Pressure points can cause a lot of pain and are generally the result of either sleeping on the wrong mattress, or sleeping on a mattress that is way too old.
  • These mattresses are super durable. They are guaranteed to have a long lifespan and the likelihood that the bed will be easily damaged is almost non-existent.
  • If you are sharing a bed and you are tired of being woken by the movements of a sleeping partner, these beds could be what you need as they are designed to minimise sleep disturbance.
  • Each Genessi bed is guaranteed to give you the support you need especially as the design will properly support your weight.
  • Finally, these beds are designed to have a hygienic quality that prevents sleepers from waking up due to dust.

Genessi mattresses are made to last. You can buy a stunning, reliable bed from this reputable bed brand when you buy your bed online. When shopping using My New Bed you can quickly make comparisons between the different beds, making your selection easier.