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Buy the best Rest Assured beds and mattresses online

Is now the right time to choose a new bed but perhaps you are not sure which one is right for you? At My New Bed, our selection of affordable Rest Assured beds will give you ample opportunity to find the bed that will support your sleeping posture while also being incredibly comfortable.

Rest Assured beds and mattresses are a South African brand. The company was launched in 1979 and they have been providing stunning beds to the South African market ever since. These beds for sale are not only nice to look at, but they provide you with every bit of comfort you could possibly want. My New Bed supplies some of the best priced Rest Assured beds, and if you are not sure if this brand is the one for you, there is always the option of doing comparisons with the other brands featured on our website.

But there is a good chance that a Rest Assured bed will be the answer to all of your sleep needs. These beds are made using modern fabrics, foams and innerspring systems and customers give these mattresses excellent reviews. If you are after superior quality as well as durability, this is one bed brand that will not let you down.

Advanced sleep technology is used during the manufacturing process. This means that factors such as height and weight, age and body shape are all taken into consideration when these beds are made. There is a bed for everyone within the range of Rest Assured beds for sale and the reason for this lies with the type of innerspring system used.

Choosing your Rest Assured Bed

Rest Assured mattresses are available with one of three innerspring systems: the Matrix Infinite Coil, the Heritage Bonnell Spring or the Evolution Pocket Coil. Each of these spring systems is made from the best materials and carefully covered so as to protect the rest of the mattress from damage. Rest Assured is the first bed brand to use the Matrix Infinite Coil system in South Africa. This system has a great reputation because it is designed to conform to the shape of a sleeping body, moving during the night as the body moves.

This innerspring system is also ideal for those looking for a bed that will prevent pressure point related pain. Pressure point pain is often the result of a mattress that is either too old or not compatible with the persons sleep requirements. As this spring system will even out the weight of the sleeping person, pressure points will not become a pain.

The other two innerspring systems are designed for comfort and support, while they will also reduce sleep disturbances, such as those that are the result of a moving sleep partner. The Evolution Pocket Spring System has springs individually set in a tough fabric which allows them to move on their own. This minimises disturbances caused by movement on the bed.

All in all, the Rest Assured bed range is well worth the investment and since they are affordable beds, you never have to sleep on an uncomfortable bed again. Some of the beds you can buy right now on My New Bed include the Oxford Evolution bed, the Cambridge Evolution bed, the Balance Infinity bed and the Cushion Infinity bed. Rest Assured mattresses are available in all sizes.