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The Incredible Restonic Mattresses by Restonic Beds:

The where to and how to of buying Restonic Mattresses:

If you are wondering where to shop and fetch your products worry no more! Buy online at the great Mattress Warehouse – we cater for you. We have multiple available stores and locations that store these reliable and fantastic Restonic Mattresses until they are taken to their forever homes to serve. We believe everybody should have access to peaceful sleep, restful nights, and superior mattresses. For this reason, we have stores available to you in Johannesburg, Midrand, Germiston, Nelspruit, Cape Town, and Polokwane. Head on over now or jump online to check out our intriguing and convincing Restonic Beds Range.

Quantities of Qualities that will appeal to you:

Our lovely qualities that promote our mattresses include our suitability for the entire household. Our large array of sizes ensure that everyone can find their perfect size, fit, and shape for their room and household. Restonic is known as a family brand in SA due to its reliability, reasonability, and range of potential. Along with the peace of mind that comes with buying a Restonic Bed approved by the Chiropractic Association in SA, the Restonic Brand is environmentally conscious and competitively priced.

We make great effort to be eco-friendly and pride ourselves in our endeavours to minimize harm to the environment. Waste accumulated during production is minimized and reduced for the minimal negative effect to nature. Cut off materials are repurposed. Our mattresses may not look green, but they are.

Why should you care for Restonic?

Incredible features and a well-known brand name, the Restonic provides you with mattresses that you can trust and enjoy since 1938. The renowned superior quality combined with innovating and interesting features that are new to the market make Restonic stand apart from the others. Restonic’s care for the environment, quality, and reliability of its product are what makes the brand powerful. The Mattress Warehouse proudly shares with you the Restonic Mattresses by Restonic Beds to buy, enjoy, and trust. We are approved by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa and loved for our invention, the “Marvellous Middle Technology” that has awed and inspired many bed lovers.

Fantastic Features of Restonic Beds:

Marvellous Middle Technology

This incredible feature goes the extra mile in providing ultimate comfort and support. Our very own design, the Marvellous Middle Technology provides consistent and accurate correction of your spine allowing for a healthier, more comfortable you. High Density Foam Posture Bars run along with the springs at the centre third providing extra support where it is desperately needed. This technology is approved by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa (CASA) and provides more comfort, superior support, and longer lasting longevity than any other sleep support system at the moment. We really are at the top of our game. Support your spine and heal your sleep – buy one of your own mattresses with the marvellous middle technology.

No turn Design

This latest and fantastic feature means you no longer have to heave and ho to flip that weighty mattress over. Filled with all the good stuff mattresses can be heavy but this feature ensures that you are left on the winning side only having to rotate your Restonic Mattress once a month. Quite a relief I’d say.

Aloe Vera or Bamboo Fabric

Take your pick between the luscious two as Restonic Mattresses come with this delicious perk. These fabrics are both environmentally friendly and breathe allowing for a cool bed. They provide a fresh and clean effect that lasts beyond the first two weeks.

Luxury Comfort Layers

Yet another fantastic Feature of Restonic Beds, ensuring plentiful peaceful rests these layers provide ultimate comfort and sweet plushness. Lean into the luxury allowing it to lead the way to peaceful nights and dreams.

The perfectly suited Comfort level for you:

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the ratings and systems of beds and mattresses these days. With so many complicated and overwhelming explanations it can be difficult to figure out what you need and what you want. Well struggle no more as we offer you a simple and trustworthy guide to finding the mattress for you. And remember, if you are struggling to make sense of it all please feel free to contact our salespersons either online or in store for more information regarding the best mattress fit for you. We care about you and we care about providing you with what you require – allow us to partner with you in filling out that order.

First level – super firm:

The toughest of the tough and strongest of the hardened – level one mattresses are designed to focus on spine realignment. Their firmness provides unrivalled support, but little comfort is catered for. Level one mattresses are ideal for back sleepers, but stomach sleepers should take a step back as they would struggle to keep up with this level of intensity.

Second level – medium firm:

With this level you can be sure to experience a little more give in the mattress. Still ideal for back sleepers, but stomach sleepers who enjoy a harder support system can now enjoy the mattress too. There is still too little comfort and too much firmness for the side sleepers. The benefits of this level of firmness include improved spine realignment like level one.

Third level – medium comfort:

This is where it all starts. From here on out comfort is the name of the game and the firm support takes a back seat. However, at this epitome of compromise all three (side, back, and stomach) sleepers can unite in comfort and ease without complaint of discomfort. The Level three is uniquely suited to cater for all three making it perfect for the hospitality industry and spare guest rooms at home. Ideal for when the preferred sleeping style of the guest is unknown.

Fourth level – soft comfort:

At this point we have crossed the bridge into comfort. The focus of a level four mattress is pressure relief and the combination of luxury and support makes for an enjoyable rest. Side and back sleepers can enjoy the deep, embracing level of comfort with these mattresses. Stomach sleepers should avoid this bed due to the potential and unwanted back arches it causes.

Fifth level – plush comfort:

There is no level higher than this. With the most lavish plushness you can imagine a level five mattress truly nurtures and spoils you. Suitable for side and back sleepers but not stomach sleepers. Peak comfort and maximized pressure relief are what come to mind with this level mattress.


How to justify and meet the price:

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the price remember that we offer free nationwide delivery. This fantastic feature not only means a great reduction in price than it would have been otherwise but also means that you can have your bed delivered directly at your doorstep. The ease and style with which you can now order and receive a bed is directly in your benefit and provides a multitude of relief. Remember – those mattresses are heavy and difficult to tackle alone. Allow us to help you the best we can by bearing the burden upstairs or across town – whatever you need. We are dependable and reliable with mattresses that are made to last – they may come at a price but beware of being penny wise and pound foolish. Buying quality that lasts will help you in the long run. If you compromise now likelihood is that you will only end up back here again. Quality matters. We take pride in providing just such quality – you can trust our brand. Also remember to keep an eye out for sales and deals in the media or at your local Mattress Warehouse. We want only the best for you.

Restonic Beds Prices and on Special

Manufacturer Range Model Recommended


Warranty Base Sets

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Restonic Orthozone Rest No Weight Limit 10 Year R2399-00
Restonic Orthozone Pillow Top No Weight Limit 10Year R2799-00
Restonic Orthozone Gold No Weight Limit 10 Year R2899-00
Restonic Orthozone Comfort No Weight Limit 10 Year R3499-00
Restonic Orthozone Premier Pocket No Weight Limit 10 Year R3699-00
Restonic Hospitality Orthopaedic


No Weight Limit 10 Year R3999-00
Restonic Hospitality Gel Pocket No Weight Limit 10 Year R4999-00

Prices are subject to change without notice.