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Purchase Remarkable Restonic Beds and Mattresses Online

Buying a new bed is made really easy when you shop smart; by comparing prices and products before you buy a new bed. Isn’t it about time you experienced the best sleep of your life?

Restonic beds and mattresses are top of the range beds and considered among the best in the industry. If you are looking for a quick and affordable way to improve your sleep, buying a new Restonic bed online is a great option. You will find that all Restonic beds are high-quality beds. While the prices of the beds are kept low, making them really affordable to just about any person, Restonic never compromises on the quality of their mattresses. This means that you have the guarantee of always getting the best bed.

Manufacturing beds using the latest technology, gained from years and years of doing research into the science of sleep, Restonic is a brand that is considered to be well above most of their industry competitors. The company was established in 1981 and since then the brand has enjoyed plenty of hard-earned success within the market. Restonic beds and mattresses have a rich history, going back to 1938.

Michael Metz, whose father owned a well established, highly reputable furniture company, started up a mattress division in the company. What began as just a part of another company quickly grew into a real bed manufacturer. Restonic beds are known internationally as a fantastic bed brand and they have 300 employees who have dedicated their time to expertly manufacturing these mattresses.

But enough about the history, what about the beds?

With the dedicated employees and a very strong management team, there is a wide variety of Restonic bed are available for sale. This is one of South Africa’s best bed manufacturers and they are well known for their expert logistical organisation as well as their bed manufacturing. My New Bed has one of the biggest selection of Restonic beds for sale and we can say that these beds are guaranteed to give you a great nights sleep.

Some of the features Restonic beds are known for include:

  • The middle support system of the bed is designed to provide the sleeper with additional comfort while holding the posture in the perfect position.
  • The mattresses are designed to be non-flip. This means that your bed will require very little maintenance.
  • The beds are eco-friendly and as only bamboo and aloe vera fabrics are used, the sleeper is kept cool during the night.
  • Some of the beds in the range also have additional layers to give the sleeper extra comfort. Other beds in the collection have a pillow top.
  • Loose threads won’t be a problem as we use HFW patented technology in every bed.
  • The beds are designed to absorb shock and minimise sleep disturbance caused by sleeping partners.
  • To keep the mattresses fresh, each bed is designed to include air vents. This prevents moisture from settling into the fabrics.
  • Finally, the beds also have side support which is great for giving the bed a longer lifespan. This side support can strengthen the bed.