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Why should you be supporting Sealy Beds?

What does it take to be the best? Sealy Beds have invested in years and years of research, testing, and clientele feedback in order to present to you the most honest and brilliant work yet. The desire is to deliver exactly what you want in the way you want it – no nonsense. For this reason a wide range of Sealy Beds, but also a wide range of sizes, features, and comfort levels. Each Sealy Beds are uniquely designed to suit specific needs and wants. Our hope is that whilst browsing our section you might find that perfect match that you have been looking for. We strive towards quality, durability, and originality that you can trust. What makes our beds the best-selling in South Africa? The fact that we not only care about your requirements, but that we deliver on them. And deliver we do with Free Shipping Nationwide delivery just for you. Sealy Mattresses is a brand you can trust.

We Care About More than just our image and your money:

After one-hundred and thirty years of developing and producing world-class beds and mattresses Sealy Beds have learned that our focus for ultimate quality is and has to be on not only serving your body temporarily each night, but on thinking of the long term as well. Readily incorporating features that help realign your spine to the correct position, that reduce muscle strain, and that relieve pressure points.

Furthermore, Sealy are into the details. Perks to our mattresses may include reduced movement transfer for improved sleeping experiences on shared beds, a large range on firmness for you to find the best fit for your sleep, and a ten-year warranty to reduce stress. The Sealy mattress endeavors to cover every aspect for a healthy and peaceful night’s rest. Don’t you deserve superior rest and relaxation?

Sealy cares about your health – you matter to us like our mattresses do to you.

But it is not just all talk. What are we truly offering? Each bed in the Sealy mattress range boasts a design in accordance to advanced sleep technology engineering. We use the highest quality fabric, foam, and fibre for your final product and we offer a ten-year warranty backed by our history of 130 years of experience. One of our finest and most beloved examples is the Sealy Posturepedic bed that does wonders for your spine improving your rest and maximizing your sleep. Our success is proven in our expansion to over fifty countries worldwide.

Sealy wants the perfect fit for you:

Firstly, we would like to share with you the magical wonder of buying a bed that has the correct comfort level for you. This is of vital importance to your enjoyment and ease and as a result, to an enhanced sleeping experience with the ultimate rest and relaxation that you can get out of it. Without further ado let me explain the comfort rating system to you:

Level One:

This level provides the all in, intense and serious back to back night experiences. Seriously though, this level is solely for use of sleepers who prefer to rest on their back. Beware all side sleepers and stomach resters! However, it does do wonders for spine realignment…

Level Two:

Now that we’ve turned it up a notch we present you with a mattress that serves those spine realigning back sleepers yet accommodates the stomach sleepers too. With a little more padding you can enjoy a firm and stable basis however side sleepers should probably level up to…

Level Three:

Here we have the epitome of balance – the peace in the mattress under two differing side, back, and stomach sleepers. No more stress and no more arguments simply pick this combination that serves all. Due to this unique and charming ability the Level Three is also uniquely perfect for the Hospitality Industry offering a go to basis that works for all.

Level Four:

Here we finally embrace our side and back sleepers – truly, at this level you are being embraced in the soft luxury. However, this is not for stomach sleepers as their backs will arch unhealthily without the required firmness. The winning feature of this type of mattress is its pressure relief and comfort.

Level Five:

The final level. The ultimate plush. The softest comfort. Level five offers pressure relief in the most indulgent form only side sleepers are advised to sink away into this delicious hide out, but back sleepers needing quite some relief can enjoy it too.

The Perfect deal for Sealy is the deal that’s perfect for you:

We understand – your budget is tight, you’re focussed on the basics, and you just want to find an affordable, quality bed. However, settling for something cheap to get you by is one of the worst mistakes you could make. The price tag that comes along with a Sealy mattress or bed not only includes the mattress but the years of experience, technological prestige, orthopaedically correct innovation, and abounding features that improve and aid your health and sleep helping you to develop consistent and beneficial sleep patterns. When you are buying Sealy you are buying quality, durability, and a bed that will last. We design our beds to be life long partners with you – they’re in it for the long haul. Don’t compromise in the short term to only find out later what you lost in the long term. Penny wise and pound foolish – the saying exists for a reason. We just want you to have that quality that provides endurance and durability. Our innovative and world-class edge support system does wonders for your spine and back like little else on the market and combined with our complex spring system that ultimately reduces compression on the key pressure points that grace your mattress you’re left with a winning combination.

Furthermore, don’t be scared to ask for help! We here at the mattress warehouse would love to help you find the perfect fit; be sure to ask us about our twenty-five-year service warranty on our Sealy beds…

Not to mention our amazing Clearance Sales at the Mattress Warehouse! Keep your eyes open for specials and deals in the press, you’ll be sure to see us around and about.

The Superior Sealy Beds Sizes:

Bed Type and Size, Metric Measurements (cm)

Sealy Bed Single 91 cm x 188 cm
Sealy  Bed Three Quarter 107 cm x 188 cm
Sealy Bed Double 137 cm x 188 cm
Sealy Bed Queen Size 152 cm x 188 cm
Sealy Bed King Size 183 cm x 188 cm
Sealy Bed Super King Size 200 cm x 200 cm



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Sealy Bed Prices, Sizes, Models and Range Comparisons

Manufacturer Range Model Weight Warranty Prices*
Sealy Posturepedic Boston Gel

Pillow Top

No Weight Limit 10 Year R4999-00
Sealy Posturepedic Clare Gel

Pamper Top

No Weight Limit 10 Year R7999-00
Sealy Posturepedic Serowe Gel

Pillow Top

No Weight Limit 10 Year R9299-00
Sealy Crown Jewel Adizo Firm No Weight Limit 12 Year R8999-00
Sealy Crown Jewel Laney Medium No Weight Limit 12 Year R10 499-00
Sealy Crown Jewel Tiara Plush No Weight Limit 12 Year R12 599-00
Sealy Motion Bed 300 Series No Weight Limit 12 Year R20 599-00