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Sealy Beds South Africa

Greetings! Have you come looking for a comfortable place to sleep? Sealy presents you with a variety of world renowned beds which all guarantee a peaceful night’s rest. With the help of our well-refined posturepedic technology, each bed is designed and tailor-made to suit your needs perfectly with the promise of full support to your body exactly where you need it most. With a large range of beds which each fulfil a set of unique requirements, you will have the freedom to choose which bed will be the best fit for you. No more counting sheep late at night. Sealy beds will cradle and comfort you right through the night!

The Advantages of Sealy Beds

  • 10 year warranty.
  • Sealy beds where established in 1881, offering clients 130 years of experience in creating optimum mattresses and beds.
  • A variety of beds which measure on a scale of “firmness”.
  • South Africa’s top selling bed.

Sealy offers a wide variety of superlative beds each are composed out of the finest materials and designed with optimal methodology. Our beds will mould the shape of your body when you sleep in a high quality foam memory layer inside of the mattress, to ensure that the heaviest parts of your body have the support that need, preventing sore aching body parts. You will wake up with a well-rested body which will be refreshed for the day ahead. An innovative foam coil is positioned inside the centre of the mattress to ensure that the body has an equal weight distribution, (as 50% of your body weight is held inside your abdomen area); the coil is positioned directly underneath the abdomen to maintain a well-balanced and aligned spine, as it prevents an uneven sleeping position.

Sealy Beds intend to maintain spinal support and to keep the body in a stable position throughout the night by containing your natural sleeping shape. This is ensured by a spring system which hinders any excessive and uneven bouncing or movement which may filter through the mattress, disrupting your sleep or causing an uneasy night’s rest and discomfort to the body.

Why Should You Choose Sealy?

My New Bed holds a large range of unique Sealy Beds and is proudly associated with the Sealy brand for years.  Sealy has always been a reliable brand that delivers on its promises of excellence and quality held within its product range. Each sleeper will sleep warm and snug, waking up rejuvenated in the morning.

The Sealy Bed engineers are constantly working on any improvements and advancements in the bed technology of today. The designs have been refined, tested and altered to create the comfort that we know and love it for. Sealy has been the brand of choice in thousands of private homes and has been the preferred bed to comfort patients in hospitals at an affordable price. The Sealy journey has been remarkable over the years, growing and expanding worldwide with a successful name known by many for its magnificence and quality.

Value at an Affordable Price

Sealy aims to accommodate different body types, sleeping patterns and even your pocket!  Their world-class technology can be enjoyed by everyone at an affordable price. Each model in the Sealy range contains the complex and advanced technology designed for a perfect night’s rest. The fabric, foam, fibre and frontline spring system can be found in all of the beds and can be appreciated by a variety of people, at a reasonable price.

The Best Qualities of Sealy Beds

  • Sealy Beds are top quality and are guaranteed to last for a long time as they are constructed out of durable materials and carefully assembled to hold with resilience.
  • Each Sealy Bed offers cutting-edge technology to its clients.
  • Each bed contains complex design systems approved my orthopaedics to reinforce support on your back and spine areas.
  • Sealy Beds have front-line technology to help reduce the amount of movement each bed has while you are lying on the mattress. A refined spring system is built into the mattress to prevent unwanted disturbances.

Sealy Beds really do offer their clients value for money on their bed range. Sealy beds are an investment that will benefit your state of mind and your body in the long run because of the technological advancements that come into play when creating beds that are designed to ensure the body remains in good structural sleeping position and maintains alignment during a good night’s rest.

When clients come searching for the most suitable bed for themselves in the Sealy range, we have equipped our outlets with well-informed consultants that will provide you with the information you need of the Sealy range and inform and advise you on which bed best meets your requirements. Our consultants will take your natural sleeping state into account before recommending a bed that will be most beneficial to you. Outlets such as the My New Bed offer a 25 year warranty on some of the Sealy Beds; be sure to enquire on the warranty when making your mattress purchase.

Keep in touch on our social media platforms to stay informed about our Sealy Bed specials and any other discount or clearance sales that may be happening at any of our outlet stores!

Stay connected online and get in contact with our Sealy Bed consultants if you have any questions and enquiries on our product range. Each model in the Sealy range contain unique attributes and features that you may find interesting when making your purchase. Our most popular and recommended beds would include the Hybrid, the Crown Jewel,  the Adjustable Designer Series, the Pocket System, the Optimum bed, the Posture Primer and the Posturepedic. For more insight on the bed ranges send an email or call the number on the website to speak to one of our consultants.

Find your ideal Sealy bed at The Mattress Warehouse and invest in the bed of your dreams. We guarantee happiness, well-being and great support with our beds. We have many great deals on our top selling beds through My New Bed. Feel the Sealy difference for yourself.