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Serta Beds and Mattresses now available for sale online

There’s an easier way to buy a new bed. And it’s called online shopping. Don’t you feel you really deserve great sleep? You need a Serta bed and this is why.

They boast about being the World’s Best Mattress. In fact, this is their slogan. And for countless people, Serta beds really are the best in the world. Comfort, extra support and the kind of durability that will give you years of use. These are the three factors that make Serta beds a world favourite.

Serta mattresses have been available for sale, at affordable prices, for many years. Countless reviews and comparisons showed again and again that they are a competitive bed in every way, from price to comfort. These mattresses are also available in every bed size on the market, leaving you with more options.

As the “World’s Best Mattress”, it’s quite understandable that the manufacturers try to give you the best bed possible. To do that they are using the latest technology during the manufacturing process. As a result, these beds are designed to give you additional sleep support, in the places where you need it the most. The various Serta beds for sale are truly a worthwhile investment, considering that they have a very long lifespan and support that really lasts when you take good care of the bed. If you are looking to completely transform your lifestyle by improving your sleep, this is definitely the one bed brand that can do just this.

My New Bed stocks a wide variety of Serta mattresses and with our low prices, you can afford to transform your life.

Serta has been in the bed manufacturing industry for the better part of 75 years. You can only imagine just how much experience they have accumulated during this time. All of their knowledge and experience is put into every bed they make. This guarantees that you only ever get a quality bed that you can rely on.

A few of the beds we have available from My New Bed includes the Serta Berkeley Comfort Top bed, the Serta Kingsley Comfort Top bed, the Serta Donnington bed, the Serta Thornbury bed and the Serta Natural Balance Plush bed. The bed brand also manufactures the Sertapedic bed range, which is ideal for those who have the extra need for back support.

But what makes each of the beds within this range so exceptional, is what is going on inside. The only way that this bed brand has been able to retain its quality name, is by using only the best quality foams and fibres during the manufacturing process. Along with a supportive spring system, these beds give great support, the kind that will last while the bed ages. Everything about Serta beds and mattresses puts them well above their nearest competitors.

What exactly makes these beds so fantastic?

We talk about the benefits of Serta mattresses and each benefit, other than the affordable prices, comes from what’s inside the mattress.

  • High-quality foam

Greta foam equals superb comfort. Foams can give a bed different densities. So whether you are looking for a soft bed or a firm bed, the best feature to look at is the foam. Serta mattresses are mostly made from latex foam and memory foam. While latex foam does have plenty of benefits, memory foam will give you wonderful comfort and support. Memory foam moulds around your body and supports you, regardless of your favourite sleeping position.

What’s great about having latex foam in your mattress is that it is a natural, breathable foam, designed to always allow your mattress to remain fresh even during those summer nights. Latex foam also helps to regulate your body temperature, helping to improve your sleep and leave you feeling well rested.

A combination of foam and springs drastically improves your sleep.

  • About those springs

Serta beds are famously known for their spring systems. These systems give sleepers optimal comfort and additional support for the body. There are three spring systems used in Serta mattresses: the Bonnell Coil system, the offset system and the continuous spring system. Regardless of the spring system, the amount of sleep disturbance that you are likely to experience will be drastically reduced. This makes Serta beds a great option for couples sharing beds.

Serta beds are given an anti-bacterial treatment as well as an antifungal treatment, while they are also protected by a warranty and a guarantee. You can find affordable Serta beds for sale at My New Bed. Shop online and enjoy great specials.