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Buy quality Simmons beds and mattresses online

Why compromise on something as important as your sleep? It’s time you bought a bed that never lets you down. With My New Bed, you can buy your affordable Simmons mattress online and with our extensive catalogue, you can make all kinds of comparisons.

Simmons beds and mattresses are really popular. And with the company’s long history of manufacturing beds, customers always receive a great addition to their bedrooms. Simmons Beds has grown to become a leading bed manufacturer in the industry with many devoted bed factories and resellers as well as a legion of happy customers.

These mattresses are suited to take care of the unique needs of every customer. Each bed manufactured by Simmons Beds is designed with a simple philosophy in mind which is that better sleep can be achieved through science. This philosophy has meant that continuous research has been applied to the manufacturing of beds. By studying the posture of sleeping bodies and by examining sleeping patterns and uncovering the real reasons why people might wake during the night, Simmons has applied their scientific discoveries to their sleep technologies to create world class beds.

To date, Simmons has enjoyed a successful 137 years in the bed manufacturing industry and they have 148 patented sleep products. Quality, comfort and durability have become synonymous with the Simmons family.

Simmons Beds South Africa was first opened in 1996 and it is SABS approved. The South African branch of Simmons Beds keeps in close contact with the Simmons Beds headquarters in the United States of America. By doing this, Simmons Beds South Africa has ensured that they have access to all of the important developments that continue to drive the product range.

Choosing your Simmons bed

What makes the Simmons Beds range so popular is the pocketed coil technology used. Each coil is fit into an individual fabric pocket which is then able to allow each of the springs to move on their own when pressure is applied.

This means that the movements of one partner will not interrupt the sleep of the other partner. Basically, to coils minimise sleep disturbance. Each of the coils within the mattress is pre-compressed. This gives the mattress a longer lifespan because the coils are always pushing up. This, in turn, means that the mattress is not only steadier but that it is also firmer.

We have always been told that a good night of sleep each night is essential to a long and healthy life and that it contributes to physical and mental health. Getting enough good quality rest is needed to rejuvenate the body and the mind. Quality sleep is the aim of every bed product manufactured by Simmons.

It is not only beds that Simmons Beds has invested plenty of scientific research and thought to, Simmons Beds has also invested lots of research in the design and manufacturing of pillows. Simmons Beds are incomplete without a Beautyrest Pillow.