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Strandmattress and Beds: Treat yourself to better support

Shop using our online store and walk away today with a gorgeous but super comfortable brand new bed. Our Strandmattresses for sale are guaranteed to improve your sleep.

You can buy high-quality Strandmattresses from My New Bed when you shop online. Affordable beds, and manufactured by a local company, these Strandmattresses are ideal for those looking for additional posture support.

Only the best goes into the manufacturing of a Strandmattress. Of all of the Strandmattresses and beds we have for sale at My New Bed, affordability and quality are have become the norm.

Not only are they one of the best bed brands in the country, but the parent company, Strand Beds, have also been the innovators behind the now popular Strand Foam. Any company that chooses to be innovative in their industry is one whose products can be trusted. Along with being used in the Strandmattresses, the foam has also been widely used within the South African medical industry.

It’s all about the foam

Polyurethane foam is the material that gives that extra comfort to beds and certain types of furniture. The foam is extra comfortable and it has a nice long lifespan, which is certainly appealing when you are buying something that you expect to get many years of good use out of. To keep ahead of the times, Strand Beds makes use of numerous research papers, while keeping a close eye on current trends within the industry, to ensure that their products are exactly what you need.

Along with using reliable polyurethane foam, Strandmattresses also benefit from having the newer company developments, such as Cool Gel Memory foam and High Resilience foam. Bringing both comfort and support to each bed has been key to the brand becoming very popular among anyone in need of extra posture support.

As mentioned, Strand Beds is the parent company of the reputable Strandmattress brand. They have been in business in South Africa since 1968 and continue to stock their beds in trusted companies throughout the country. They are able to do this by having manufacturing facilities based close to the big South African cities. This helps to bring down the prices of the beds.

The quality of each bed is definitely on par with other well-known bed brands. These beds are so well loved that they are a common feature in hotels and guesthouses as well as in hospitals.

Choosing your Strandmattress

There is a nice selection of beds within this brand. But the four selections getting the most attention include the Firm Flex Range, the Dream Me range, the Snooze Me range and finally the Airborne range. Each of these affordable options is available in the standard sizes, including beds with extra length.

With the years of innovation and the consistent approach to research, posture support is sure to help fix back pains. The beds are protected by a guarantee. Should they have a fault or should they not meet the expected standards, you are covered. This is for your peace of mind, although we can say that it is a rare thing for these beds to not meet the expectations of customers.

Strandmattresses are designed perfectly for those who are sharing a bed, with the foam reducing disturbances which are the result of sleeping partners. The high-density foam is also fantastic for reducing pressure points, allowing you to feel revived after every night.