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Buy Exclusive Universe Beds and Mattresses

You probably already know that having a new bed can transform your world. What you might not know is just how easy it is to buy a new bed online at My New Bed. Shop online today and enjoy our discounts and free delivery and put your body at ease tonight!

Universe Bedding has a great selection of beds and mattresses for sale. They take quality to the next level and have built up a trusted reputation for being one of country’s preferred bed companies. You can find all kinds of Universe beds when shopping online using My New Bed. We’ve been a big supporter of their mattresses for years, and we have had many customers talk about their satisfaction with this brand. Again, these beds are really affordable and high-quality. Available in all of the bed sizes you could need, this is a brand worth looking at.

My New Bed is serious about quality products. Mattresses and beds fulfil such an important duty, that low quality simply will not do. And as much as we are a quality driven company, we also like to give our customers affordable options. Universe Bedding doesn’t disappoint us on either account: their prices are unbeatable and their quality superior.

Even after many years of use, a Universe mattress retains its shape and continues to provide excellent posture support. The bed also requires very minimal maintenance in order to keep its shape, so if you are looking for a bed that won’t require much attention, this is it! The retaining of shape, as well as the need for minimal maintenance, is thanks to the materials from which the bed is made.

Most Universe beds you’ll find for sale are made using chip foam which makes up the core of the bed. It is this tough yet comfortable foam that prevents the bed from sagging over the years it is used. While the chip foam makes up the core of the bed, other foams and materials are used to make the bed a little more comfortable than the cheaper beds out there. As the foam is compressed, the bed feels wonderfully stable and obviously will give your posture the support it needs.

Universe beds have a compressed core, which is what gives the beds the stability as well as prevents the sagging.

More about the compressed core

There are two great reasons why buying a new bed with a compressed core is such a good idea. Firstly, this feature will add onto any other bed feature designed to give your body extra support. Secondly, the bed is probably going to be more durable than most other beds, which will add to the life of the mattress. A bed that is actually made to last should be what you look out for.

Within the Universe mattress, the inner core is covered with layers of other long-lasting foam to give the bed an outstanding long life. The way that Universe beds are manufactured also reduces sleep disturbance which could be the result of your partner moving during the night.

The Bed for the Whole Family

Another factor to take into consideration when buying a Universe bed is that these mattresses support all ages, young and old. Thanks to the excellent posture support, literally everyone can benefit. And not having to turn or flip the mattress is another reason why this bed is a great option for older people.

Universe mattresses are really affordable and since they are available in all sizes, this brand is suitable for the whole family.