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Our Superb Sleeper Couches:

The Brands we Boast:

Our Sleeper Couches are designed by the company called Sleeping Couch and Sofa. A family run business, this brand brings quality and reliability into the game along with elegance and style. With such valuable and smartly designed sleeper couches we knew that this was the perfect choice to show you. The Sleeping Couch and Sofa brand has been in business for over thirty years and uses this built up knowledge and expertise to build the ultimate sleeper couches for you to enjoy and appreciate. This brand is trustworthy and reliable, so you can be sure to get the most out of your product. Our hope is to provide quality products that you can trust just like these sleeper couches.

Why you should choose a Sleeper Couch over a bed and Couch Separately:

Although a bed can be a huge comfort and delight it also has its disadvantages. When you must maximise the use of your space then a bed and couch separately are a waste of your precious and limited resources and will affect the efficiency of your household’s flow. You may need to maximize space for different reasons. Whether you would rather grant each of your kids their own room, need an extra bed in the house for visiting relatives, or cannot enjoy your space without a comfy couch it is essential to rethink the situation. When you need to maximise space the sleeper couch is your best bet.

Another great thing about Sleeper Couches is that you do not have to compromise on the functionality of your home for the beauty or vice versa. With a sleeper couch you can still keep your house looking orderly and beautiful without having to give up the benefits of having a bed and a couch at the same time. The Sleeper Couch helps you combine these two aspects for a relieving and satisfying outcome. Furthermore, a sleeper couch provides a tidy solution to your worries helping you to keep your house in order with ease.

The benefits of Sleeper Couches:

  • An orderly and appealing home:

With less clutter filling your house and more open spaces your home will feel as good as new. A little goes a long way and with this space maximising, immediately organised way of storing sleeper couch even the atmosphere of your house could change.

  • Sparing those Savings for future investments without compromising:

A great option in that buying a sleeper couch will generally always beat having to buy a bed and a couch separately, each at a pretty penny. This means that whilst still buying quality and enjoying dual functionality you can stress less about the pricing.

  • No need for a guest room and the option of manoeuvring:

With a sleeper couch you can not only save yourself needing to put aside an entire room just for potential guests but you can also move it around wherever and whenever you please as a sleeper couch is not as stationary as a bed. These features are great for a growing and constantly improving household. This way you can utilize any extra space for something more beneficial to your family as a whole whether as a library, playroom, or study making for special memories and a greater return investment out of the space.

What a quality Sleeper Couch is:

A good sleeper couch offers quality. This quality must be prevalent in the wood used, the materials incorporated, the durability, and the fashioning of the sleeper couch. With our amazing Sleeping Couch and Sofa brand sleeper couches you can know that all these factors are a sure bet for you. Enjoy the ease of trusting the brands we provide knowing that we pride ourselves in bringing you the best. Quality cannot be cheated. We here at my New Bed know this and are dedicated to committing to quality that lasts, delights, and satisfies.

How to find the sleeper couch you need:

When looking for your ultimate Sleeper Couch you need to remember to look at a few relevant factors that will affect your experience. Considering these factors whilst deciding will help you to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Without further ado here are our tips and tricks to help you choose:


How often will your sleeper couch have to be used and for which function? Will the functionality that offers a bed be used less or more frequently than that of the couch functionality? These answers should guide you when choosing your sleeper couch with regards to which side of the scale the sleeper couch should give more detailed attention to.


Make sure that you check how comfortable your sleeper couch is before buying it. To make this investment worthwhile you need to be able to fully enjoy your sleeper couch as much as a regular couch so that you do not regret your decision. Come on over to our local stores to test this out in order to find the ultimate product that you prefer.


Whatever you desire from your sleeper couch – a three-seater or two – you need to plan ahead. Make sure you get a reliable measurement size of the area you have in mind so that you can choose your perfect sleeper couch with confidence. You know what your home needs so do not let anyone else tell you otherwise.


The texture, colours, and appeal of your sleeper couch should be chosen in accordance with the room that you will be placing it in. Take a look around and check out the atmosphere of your designated room. If you would like a bolder statement lean towards a colour that will brighten up the room in a gentle contrast to the colours of the walls or precious curtains. If you enjoy a more unified and elegant style find a texture that coincides with the rest of the furniture in the room for the perfect finishing touch. Whatever your preference, be aware of it in order to make the most out of your sleeper couch and room.

Short summary of our available Sleeper Couches for sale:

With our stunning Sleeping Couch and Sofa sleeper couches we present to you a varied and valued range that ensures quality and durability.

Sleeping Couch and Sofa Brand:

  • Montrial Leather Sleeper Couch (Queen Bed)
  • Ghia Leather Sleeper Couch (Queen Bed)
  • Villa Leather Sleeper Couch (Double Bed)
  • Vintage Leather Sleeper Couch (Double Bed)
  • Delft 3pc Sleeper Couch (Double Bed, Double Corner Bed, Single Corner Bed)
  • Moxi Lounger Sleeper Couch
  • Moxi Daybed Sleeper Couch
  • Bahama Sleeper Couch
  • Ghia Queen Sleeper Couch
  • Bosonaco Sleeper Couch
  • Vintage Double Sleeper Couch
  • Moxi Sleeper Couch (Double with wooden armrest, Double Bed)
  • Delft Double Sleeper Couch
  • Monaco Double Sleeper Couch
  • Zazzi Double Sleeper Couch
  • Misty Double Sleeper Couch
  • Atlantic Sleeper Couch
  • Astrid Sleeper Couch (Double Bed, Single Bed)
  • Villa Junior Sleeper Couch

We hope that we have provided you with everything you need to know. If you have any questions or requests, please contact one of our consultants online or in store. Thank you for your support.