Cloud Nine Epic Comfort – Single Bed

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The Cloud Nine Epic Comfort Bed has all of the ingredients to help you get a great night of rest. The right levels of comfort and support are needed for you to relax. Since each person is different regarding their sleep needs, trying out the bed before you buy it, is of the utmost importance. The Cloud Nine Epic Comfort Bed can support up to 125kg of weight per person. Little maintenance is needed because of the no turn feature the bed has.

Are you struggling to sleep?

Long term sleeps deprivation or long term troubled sleep can cause you many problems. This includes mood changes and upsets, constant fatigue and general unhappiness. It is a known fact that a lack of proper sleep can increase the chances of you getting depression. Perhaps you struggle to shut your brain off at the end of a long day, or maybe you struggle with chronic back pain, causing you not to get all of the sleep that you need.

The bed is fitted with a soft and luxurious Jacquard fabric which increases the amount of overall support that the sleeper will get. The numerous amounts of foam layers will increase the amount of comfort and support given to the sleeper. The materials are nontoxic as well as hygienic and allergy free.

Why choose Cloud Nine Epic Comfort?

The foam layers in the Cloud Nine Epic Comfort Bed are going to give each person who sleeps on the bed, the exact amount of support to keep their body in the right position throughout the night and prevent aches and pains from bad sleeping posture from keeping the sleeper awake and restless.

The foam in the bed is breathable, allowing air to move through it, keeping the body at the right temperature during the night. The Cloud Nine Epic Comfort Bed is also able to minimise the amount of movement transfer. This might be experienced during the evening when two partners are sharing the bed.

The Cloud Nine Epic Comfort bed is SABS Approved and CASA Approved. The bed that you buy has been tested many times to ensure that it lives up to its promises. It can give those who buy it a regular night of rest. Remember that we spend almost 25 years of our lives asleep so investing in a great mattress is a necessity.

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