Cloud Nine Lodestar – Double Bed

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The Cloud Nine Lodestar Bed has undergone many tests to prove that the bed and the materials within the bed are capable of doing what it is supposed to do. The Cloud Nine Lodestar Bed is SABS approved as well as CASA endorsed. Having these two endorsements adds to the quality of the bed. You will know that the bed you are purchasing can make good on its promises.

Cloud Nine beds all come with certain features. These features ensure that those sleeping on the bed get only the best type of comfort and support. With many years of experience, the Cloud Nine bed manufacturers know the secret that is needed to make a good bed a great bed. By having a great night of sleep every night is going to improve your waking life.

The Cloud Nine Lodestar Bed has polyurethane foam layers and a reconstituted foam layer that is designed to give the sleeping person additional support and extra comfort. These layers of foam are made from only the best materials which will make them long lasting and highly durable. The Cloud Nine Lodestar Bed can support two sleeping people of 120kg’s each and with it’s no movement transfer technology, each sleeping person will be able to enjoy a high-quality sleep.

Why choose Cloud Nine Lodestar?

The Cloud Nine Lodestar Bed is known as a heavy duty mattress. All of the materials used within the bed can contribute to a firmer and more supportive mattress. Anyone who has suffered from allergies knows that experiencing an allergy break out during the night will keep you up. Usually, an allergy flare up happens when there is dust or other materials on the bed. It has settled there as a result of having a mattress that is not allergy free and that is not hygienic. The Cloud Nine Lodestar Bed is allergy free and sterile because the manufacturers know that the restless nights can be caused by dirty mattresses.

You should never have to compromise on having a good night of rest. Sleep is a vital need, and it cannot be overlooked. Did you know that sleeping on a mattress that is not suitable for your body can lead to long-term problems? Such problems include chronic back pain and even headaches. Don’t compromise on your sleep health. Get the Cloud Nine Lodestar bed today!

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