Cloud Nine Posture Foam – Single Bed

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Cloud Nine Posture Foam is here to make every night’s sleep a genuinely enjoyable and relaxing one. Because we know how important it is to sleep tight, we have this mattress to help you. It is one of the beds that allow you to feel comfortable and relaxed. With various amazing features, this mattress is a long-term solution for your bedroom.
One of the most important things during your sleep is your body’s posture. This bed is ready to offer you a good position during the sleep. It is possible due to its turn free posture support. With this feature, your body will benefit from the needed support, thus helping you to avoid back aches.

More About The Features Of The Cloud Nine Posture Foam

This mattress is complemented by woven damask ticking. It is a feature that you’ll love. The damask ticking makes the bed soft and pleasant to touch. It looks and feels luxurious, thus offering you a pleasurable sleeping experience. Besides this soft feeling, the Cloud Nine Posture Foam gives you a gently firm feel, due to the foam layers. These layers are made from luxurious high-density resistant polyurethane. It is done to ensure you an excellent support and a comfortable sleep.

The core of this mattress is made of high density reconstituted foam. Therefore, you will benefit from an increased posture support center. As you probably imagine, this leads to a truly comfortable and enjoyable sleep. Of course, the result is that you’ll wake up completely rejuvenated.

However, this is not all you get from this Cloud Nine Posture Foam. It offers you zero movement transfer. Do you wonder what this is? Well, think about those moments when you wake up during the night, because of your partner’s disturbing movements. You can now forget about this, as this issue is solved by the zero movement transfer feature. It will help you sleep tight, without feeling your partner’s movements anymore.

You may also forget about any allergies and hygiene-related concerns. It is due to the other features of the Cloud Nine Posture Foam, which include allergy free, hygienic design, and non-toxic material. Add the capability of holding a maximum of 85 kg, and you’ll surely love this mattress.

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