Fabbro Palazzo Pillow Top – Queen Bed

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How many times have you woken up tired and restless at night? What about in the morning – rising while still carrying tones of sleeplessness and dissatisfaction? This should not be your daily lot. With the Fabbro Palazzo Pillow Top – Queen Bed, we guarantee quality and rest. The unique and fantastic features of the Palazzo cannot help but to right your restless nights and bring peace into those unusual places of frustration caused by sleep deprivation. Allow the rejuvenating, healing, power of a good mattress to reach into all aspects of your life. And it all starts here, with the simple act of investing in this spectacular Fabbro mattress: The Palazzo. How are we so confident? Here is how:

The Phenomenal Fabbro Palazzo Pillow Top – Queen Bed, for your Peace and Prosperity:

Firstly, the Palazzo is fascinatingly soft and fluffy, out of five it is fourth on our scale. This ensures the ultimate comfort and feeling of pampering without removing the necessary support required by your spine and body.

Next, Rapid Response Pocket Springs provide for durability, bounce, and support. They incorporate the latest in innovation and developments in the field making for the ultimate sleeping experience. The mattress has also been created with the ability to respond independently to each sleeper’s movements. This makes for undisturbed peace and rests for each partner individually. Memory sense comfort also supports and cares for your body offering relief for your weary bones and especially targeting aching muscles with the body forming abilities. This ensures a push and pull effect in all the right places.

This pillow-top mattress confidently boasts a bamboo and linen blend covering itself. These substances display amazing qualities such as anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial functionalities. On top of this, it also exudes a natural and cooling effect. This leaves your mattress looking and feeling stylish. This effect is maximized with a luxury crafted designer base.

The bed makes allowance for 120kg per person on each side. To wrap it up, the mattress is guaranteed for two years, and the service warranty stretches twenty years.

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