Kooi Superior Pocket Firm – Single Bed

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The Kooi Bedset is, in essence, a bed explicitly designed to aid in the natural recovery system of your body. Created for athletes who understand the importance of doing everything necessary to reach peak performance. The Kooi bed uses the latest technology, coupled with smart design, to ensure that every moment of sleep you get, your body is supported in the correct way for your specific sleep style. The Kooi Superior Pocket Firm – Single Bed, helps you become a better athlete in your sleep.

The Firm

The Firm Kooi mattress is the direction you would want to go if you sleep only on your stomach or back. It has enough padding to be comfortable while being firm enough to avoid unnecessary strain on your spine. If you sleep on your side, it would be slightly too firm. Thus, causing your shoulder muscles not to recover optimally, as they are under too much pressure during the night. The firm is perfect for people who need more spinal alignment and support.

The Design of Kooi Superior Pocket Firm – Single Bed

As with all of the Kooi Superior Pocket beds, the Firm has a beautiful matte grey finish that runs along the sides of the mattress. The outer edges of the bed are further enhanced by distinct red lines that visually represents that the bed is the firm model between the three Superior Pocket siblings. Other than that, the Superior Pocket firm has a beautiful white top that eagerly invites you to sleep happily on it.

The inner workings of this bed, as with the outer, are more advanced than you’d find in almost any other bed. The bed’s core is made up of two distinct parts:

  1. The most advanced high density and latex foam comfort layers. These layers are made out of TechnoFlex foam which is cutting edge.
  2. Advanced zoned and nested pocket spring technology. The Superior Pocket has a state of the art three zone nested spring interior. These are specially designed to make the bed extra durable. It also ensures that you do not experience any movement transfer. It’s essentially the suspension of the bed.

You can read more about the technical aspects surrounding the Superior Pocket in the specifications tab.

All Kooi mattresses come with a 3 Year Factory Guarantee and a 20 Year Service Warranty. Furthermore, it can easily handle two persons of 125kg each.

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Comfort Level

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