Kooi Superior Pocket Plush – Queen Bed

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The Kooi Superior Pocket range has been designed explicitly with sports people in mind. From firm to plush, the entire range focuses on providing an active person with the best bed possible. At Kooi, we understand that athletes continuously push themselves to the limit. They want to perform at their best all the time. Kooi beds stick right to this philosophy. They provide the sleeper with the best elements in each facet that makes up the bed. And that is why you should consider Kooi Superior Pocket Plush – Queen Bed!

The Plush

The Kooi Superior Pocket Plush is the undisputed softy of the bed set. It delightfully hugs the form of your body while providing a soft sleeping surface that is perfect for side sleepers, as well as back sleepers who prefer soft beds. A plush bed’s aim is not to provide extensive spinal support for people with back problems. Instead, it focuses on giving bodily tension relief. A plush bed should be avoided by people who want to have extensive support as well as people who want to sleep on their stomachs.

The Design of Kooi Superior Pocket Plush – Queen Bed

Unlike most mattresses, Kooi beds have a distinct matte grey finish around the sides of the mattress. To add further aesthetic appeal and place emphasis on the sporty theme, the Superior Pocket Plush has two distinct lines that run individually along the top and bottom of the mattress’s sides. The blue finish is beautifully toned to emphasize the fact that it is the softy out of the mattresses.

The Superior Pocket is advanced, very advanced. It boasts nested pocket spring technology with three zones across the bed. The pocket springs adapt perfectly to the form of your body, while also eliminating movement transfer and aiding in pressure relief. That’s not all. You’ll be excited to hear that the Superior Pocket Plus has the most advanced high density and latex foam comfort layers. The TechnoFlex foam is state of the art when it comes to foam layers. We have conveniently added detailed information about all the technical aspects of the bed. You can find this information in the specifications tab.

All Kooi Superior Pocket mattresses come with a 3 Year Factory Guarantee,  a 20 Year Service Warranty and can easily handle two persons of 125kg each.

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