Rest Assured Body Cushion Infinity – King XL Bed

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A good night’s sleep depends on many factors. One of the most important is the mattress that you use. It is essential to choose a bed that is comfortable and sturdy. The mattress will provide you with the possibility of sleeping in your preferred posture. It is known that every person prefers sleeping in various positions. Not all the beds allow you to feel comfortable in your desired position. However, this is different with the Rest Assured Body Cushion Infinity.

It is unique to all the mattresses created by Rest Assured in the Infinity collection. The Body Cushion mattress is constructed from solid, ultra-tough springs. These springs are packed with exclusive features. It is paired with ultimate technology; the features are meant to increase the levels of comfort of this bed. Using infinite spring units that work in tandem, this mattress is capable of carrying a distributed load. So it is helping you to find the best sleeping posture that provides you with a restful sleep.

More Features From The Rest Assured Body Cushion Infinity

Besides the technology used for distributing the load, this bed is also featuring an increased pressure distribution. The distribution ensures maximum comfort. This bed is packed with 150 percent more working coils than other mattresses. The Body Cushion Infinity bed has interlocking coils. The coils feature dual-directional response.

It makes it possible to deliver you more comfort during your sleep.
However, this is not where the level of support stops. The mattress has a box top memory blue-gel and HR filling. Additionally, it features parallel stability tortion zones and tempered sleep support system. With all these features, it is no surprise that your sleep will be a truly comfortable and restful one. This will enable you to wake up happier every morning.

Beside all these features, you will be amazed by the capacity that this mattress is ready to support. It is a 140kg maximum weight, which is another amazing thing to love about this bed. You don’t need to worry about the durability of this mattress either. It comes with a 2-year guarantee and a 25-year service warranty. All these features and guarantees are ready to offer you a deep and comfortable night’s sleep. For the years to come.

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