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Do you know which is one of the most important aspects of a good night’s sleep? Of course, it is the Rest Assured Cambridge Evolution – King XL Bed. A bed count so much for the quality of your sleep, it is essential that you choose it wisely, to ensure that your every night’s sleep is a full resting and comfortable one. As part of the Evolution line, it is packed with fantastic features, which take care of your body and your sleep, night after night.

This bed is made using heat-tempered pocket springs, and each of them individually wrapped. These pockets are guaranteed to ensure optimal support for your body and maximum comfort during your sleep. They make no noise, which is yet another bonus that you will enjoy. The pocket spring allows you to relax in a perfect posture, to benefit from maximum comfort. It also provides no movement transfer.

Why do we recommend the Rest Assured Cambridge Evolution – King XL Bed?

However, what is unique about the Cambridge Evolution, is its design and the features that are characteristic to this bed. It has a box top memory blue gel and HR filling. This bed is extra durable, graceful to the heat tempered coils used for it. These coils mold to the contours of your body, thus ensuring a truly comfortable feeling every time you lay on this mattress.

Its design features hand nested pocket spring system. This bed featuring reinforced edge support and has no sagging sides. It will support the weight of 140kg without any issue. How does this sound to you? Isn’t it just perfect? Imagine how resistant this bed is, to offer the necessary support for a weight of 140kg per person. Should you have any concern regarding the guarantee for this mattress, you can stop now, as it is guaranteed for 2.5 years and it comes with a 25-year service warranty. So look no further, the Cambridge Evolution is ready to provide you with the best solution for a comfortable and resting night’s sleep.

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