Rest Assured Cambridge – King Bed

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Are you looking for the best? Listen, friend, you are not going to find complete luxury and devoted design than this. The Rest Assured Cambridge – King Bed boasts incredible supportive features with an abundance of allowance of and catering for any and all your problems. We have designed this mattress with care to become one of our top range mattresses boasting incredible quality, fine-tuned attention to detail, and just modern comfort. Without further ado, here is why we cannot contain our excitement about the Cambridge Mattress:

  • Blue Gel and HR filling:

You may be asking, “what is Blue Gel and what has it got to do with my mattress?” Well, ladies and gentlemen Memory blue gel is a fantastic advanced technology aspect that covers the top of your bed with a layer of, you guessed it, blue gel! This gel supports your body in all the right places molding to your unique shape. This helps by offering relief from strain to your muscles and minimizing gravitational pull onto a hard surface.

  • Hand-Nested Pocket Coil Springs:

Well, my friends what you need to know is that these unique, and ultimate springs minimize movement transfer (making for less hassle when you’re sharing with someone) and also make for an entirely firm yet supportively soft mattress. Not just that, but the coils also mold to your shape creating the ultimate resting space, clinging to each contour. What’s more? Well, our heat-tempered coils make for more reliability and more durability. Now that’s fantastic!

The Rest Assured Cambridge – King Bed from our Evolution line

  • Every Inch of your Supportive Surface:

Due to our reinforced edge support, you can now utilize every single millimeter that you know you bought. There are no cutting edges here! No way. The full use of your sides extends the feel of the bed as you get the most out of it. Then also, the sleeping surface is everything it should be with all the comfort and luxury you could wish for.

  • Less Effort More Charm:

Our no-turn technology makes for one of the best features yet: less work. You no longer have to stress to remember or heave to turn over your special mattress.

  • And last but not least – Genuine Guarantees.

With this fantastic mattress, we guarantee you a twenty-five-year service warranty. Yes, you heard right! And that’s not all; we also guarantee your bed for two point five years! Not to mention our weight allowance of 140kg per person.

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