Rest Assured Oxford Evolution – Double XL Bed

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Unique to Rest Assured beds, this Rest Assured Oxford Evolution features a hand tufted pocket spring. The springs are made with heat-tempered coils. It is a process used for mattresses and meant to ensure they make no noise. Each of the individually wrapped pocket springs is ready to contribute to providing maximal comfort and support for your body. This way, you are guaranteed zero movement transfer and also a perfect sleeping postures.

Why do you need to buy the Rest Assured Oxford Evolution?

This Oxford Evolution mattress is an excellent choice for your bedroom. It comes with various features, to offer you and your partner a resting night’s sleep. It is made of fully imported viscose fabric and 100 percent natural latex. This ensures protection against allergies.
One of the features that are made to ensure a quality sleep is the motion separation technology. Side stitching is also being used, to ensure minimal motion transfer from one partner to another. Because of this, both you and your partner will be able to enjoy a comfortable sleep. You will not be disturbed by movements again.

With the Oxford Evolution bed, you are guaranteed of undisturbed sleep. This is thanks to the memory foam fillings included in this mattress. These fillings also create a luxurious appearance, while making it a truly comfortable place to sleep on.
In addition to these fillings, this bed is also adorned with coils that mould to the contours of your body. The perfect feature for enhancing your night’s sleep. Given the technology used for the Evolution mattresses, this bed is extremely durable. It features ultra-tough coils that are heat tempered for durability.

And if these features are not convincing enough, then wait a second! Because there is more to know about this Oxford Evolution bed. Since it is previewed with dual sleeping surfaces, you can place it on either side you wish. Both sides offer a comfortable position for your body during sleep. Regarding its warranty, this mattress is ensured by 15-year service warranty, and it comes with a 2.5-year guarantee. Isn’t this one of the most beautiful beds that you would enjoy having in your home?

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