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When choosing a mattress there are some things that you can do, or take into account, that will help you to determine whether or not a bed is for you. You should always have a rough idea in mind of what it is that you want out of your mattress and what needs you have. You should also think about the size of the bed. The Rest Assured Weightmaster Heritage – King XL Bed is an ideal foundation for people of all body types. Supporting the body weight of an individual is the most critical feature of a mattress.

The recommended weight is 130kg per person. If the body weight is not correctly supported, then the posture and spine are not going to be given the proper support that they need. The Heritage Weightmaster bed has a distinct body zone. It consists of foam bars placed on the mattress. This body zone is designed to support the weight of the body equally and correctly.

More Reasons Why You Should Get The Rest Assured Weightmaster Heritage – King XL Bed

The ten foam bars within the Heritage Weightmaster bed can support the weight of the body in the region of the mattress where the majority of the weight is applied. This additional coil support makes this bed ideal for the heavier person. It will be able to give the correct amount of firm support. This coil support also has 33% more working wire to provide further body support.

A Delta Wedge is placed on the edges of the entire mattress. This is to increase the surface area of the bed as well as to protect the sleeper from falling off of the bed during the night. When buying a bed, you should consider its durability. The Heritage Weightmaster bed has double tempered coils. This means that the coils have been specially treated twice to make them stronger and last longer. The quality fiber fillings consist of foam chips and cotton. The fillers allow the mattress to breathe.

The standout feature of this bed is the Heritage Bonnell Coils. These coils are hourglass shaped. They ensure that the weight applied to the bed is equally distributed throughout the mattress. Wires run along the top and the bottom of the coils. It makes sure that they don’t move from side to side when the pressure of a body is applied. These coils are manufactured by Rest Assured themselves. You will not get this type of high-quality mattress from any other manufacturer.

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