Restonic RestCare Dream – King Bed

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Dream. What a fitting name for a supportive mattress. The Dream aims to grant your every wish and ensure even the smallest possible convenience. You can rest in peace and joy knowing that with the Restonic RestCare Dream – King Bed under you, you are sorted and cared for. Life is full of ups and downs and it is so essential that at the end of the day we have somewhere to escape to. Whether to repair ourselves in safety or to kick off some steam in homely ease it is necessary to have the perfect mattress that you know you can rely on. For these reasons we highly recommend the RestCare Dream by Restonic, let it ease away your worries and cares:

From our RestCare Range: The Restonic RestCare Dream – King Bed

The quilt that fashions the cover of this masterpiece is made of poly-wool technology with layers of ultra flex foam. This makes for comfort and ease as it is soft and forgiving. Then the pillow top consists of luxurious latex foam, awe-inspiring Airzone foam, and Durapad. These create a firm yet comfortable pillow top. Then the bazooka dual spring system makes up the foundation with a marvelous middle for within. This is all encased in foam side support with patented edge technology for firmness, durability, and support. The RestCare Dream even boasts an Airzone channel for your mattress to breathe, be dry, and feel fresh.

Then there is another durapad layer, with a firm top base for a bottom held up by stylish and durable legs. But that’s not all, the RestCare Dream by Restonic is insured with a 12-year warranty and a 2-year guarantee.

So, there you have it the ins and outs of the RestCare Dream. We hope this has inspired you to contact us to get your very own classic looking, care to enforce comfort. Good mattresses make for good sleep reviving every aspect of your life from beginning to end.

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