Restonic RestCare Comfort – Double Bed

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Death, Dares, and Dreams. The three deplorable themes of life that you cannot just wish away. These trials, trips, and tricks will always be with us but how we attack them determines how we live. What if you could greet each day with joy and grace – what change would this make in your day to day experiences? It has often been said that what goes around comes around. This may be true with effects we set into motion, but it is undoubtedly true with our routines and devotions. If you invest in good sleep, you will be duly rewarded. The benefits one reaps from a rejuvenating rest are unlimited, but the same is true for the opposite. Why not try out our Restonic RestCare Comfort – Double Bed?

Form our RestCare Range: The Restonic RestCare Comfort – Double Bed:

When you neglect your mattress, your sleep patterns, or your bed, you will find yourself resting more troubled and struggling to find that peace at night again. We here at Restonic wish to help you which is why we have provided the RestCare Comfort. It is the perfect mattress to help you set your patterns straight and boundaries in place. Without further ado here is why we praise the RestCare Comfort:

The Comfort is covered in a quilt of polly-wool technology and two layers of ultra flex foam making for comfort and relief for your body. This in turns helps you “turn off” faster, reaching REM sleep and drifting away on the clouds of pleasant dreams. Then between the quilt and the beautiful base, we have a sheet of gel flex foam. This shapes and contours to your body, making for ultimate relief and expert support. The nested pocket spring system boasts an Airzone channel for your mattress to breathe, leaving it dry, fresh, and feeling brand new. The mattress is also foam encased with side support and edge technology. There are no cutting edges with this mattress, to be sure we reinforced them. There is also a Durapad.

The bottom is a firm top base and styles graceful and durable legs for your convenience when moving, standing, or shifting the bed around. Finally, we finished it off with a 15-year warranty and a 2-year guarantee.

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