Universe Bedding Hotelier Platinum – Queen Bed

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If you’re looking for a heavy duty bed, you’ve come to the right place. The Universe Bedding Hotelier Platinum – Queen Bed is mostly like the workhorse of beds; so it can be extensively used. The Hotelier Platinum’s heavy-duty traits mean it’s the perfect bed for the hospitality industry. You will be wise to invest in this range to compliment your fully booked rooms. This bed has been designed with a heavy duty chip foam core with high-density foam comfort layers, so those making use of it won’t complain about a bad night’s rest, nor will it crumble under constant use. The bed also boasts zero movement transfer between sleeping partners, so rolling around won’t affect your light-sleeping partner. The Hotelier Platinum is also designed with a beautiful quality knitted fabric, which places further emphasis on its heavy-duty abilities.

Why TheĀ Universe Bedding Hotelier Platinum – Queen Bed is an excellent choice

If you’re looking at purchasing this bed, it might be for a couple of key reasons. You need heavy duty beds that can handle use from a high variant of people on a weekly or even daily basis. Or you’ve had bad experiences with non-durable beds in the past. Or you just want to compliment your spare room with a durable new bed. It doesn’t matter which one of these motives you have; theĀ Universe Bedding Hotelier Platinum – Queen Bed will be the bed for you.

So, in the end, this bed is the type of buy that is carefully suited to your specific needs. It’s the sort of mattress you can rely upon, a bed with quality features and traits that offer what is promised. Furthermore, the Universe Bedding Hotelier Platinum comes with a 20-year service warranty that will have you sorted for many nights of rest. The max weight capacity of this bed is 120kg per person sharing.

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