Villa Junior Sleeper Couch

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With less and less space and more and more demands on your home’s functionality – what can you do to compromise? If you need the answer that will save you the cluttered feel and yet spare you the upset of not being able to host a friend, then we have just the right solution. With our Villa Junior Sleeper Couch, you can be sure that you get just the right size, just the right look, and just the right texture for your particular home. Everybody is unique, and now with our adaptability and your genius, your couch can be too.

Apart from being available in 76cm, 91cm, 107cm, 137cm, and 152cm widths, the couch or non-sleeper couch should you so choose, can also come in any precise measurement you desire. We will adjust for your space needs to provide the exact fit for you. So, you can work out to a tee exactly what you need – we will do it for you.

The Fantastic Villa Junior Sleeper Couch

Our vibrant, durable, and trustworthy colors range from Browns, Blacks, a Red, and a Blue with Ratio Dune, Ratio Jet, Ratio Mocha, Honour Sable, Nigel S71, Nigel S74, Nigel S75, Nigel S77, Nigel S78, Origin Cappuccino, Origin Steel, Origin Ash or Origin Dune. Not just that, but you can also order genuine leather. If you want to, you can provide your own material as mentioned earlier if you are struggling to find the perfect shade for your living space or renovated room here. If you want to go the extra mile for the perfect plush presentation, you can order extra scatter cushions for a handsome finish.

But that is not all; our warranty extends for a year. Although it has exceptions including foam and fabric. Make sure you clean your mattress gently and with care, we recommend the use of a professional for cleaning other than small stains which should be gently removed with a cloth and liquid.

For operating merely slide the base out working from the center, support it with the back cushions, and then fold the cushioning in the middle out and over for your flat, functional, and ready to serve couch sleeper. To assemble the Villa Junior Sleeper Couch, you hold the base vertical, attach the cushioning to its back, then slide them (horizontally) into the couch frame. Be sure to slide not force. Finally, place the back cushions on the back of the couch for your final finish. And don’t forget to remove all packaging! (Pro tip: this does not include screws and other potentially essential compliances, leave those where they are).


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