Vintage Leather Sleeper Couch – Double

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This stylish piece of comfort and compromise is available in an array of fabulous colors and any size you so choose. Either choose from one of our set measurements (76cm, 91cm, 107cm, 137cm, or 152cm in width) or hand in your precise requirements and we will adjust according to your needs. This Vintage Leather Sleeper Couch – Double is also available as a non-sleeper or with additional scatter cushions or in leather. Our range of colors includes many browns and blacks, a red, and a blue. If you would love to use your own fantastic fabric, then only provide sufficient material, and we will create your very own stylish and unique Vintage Sleeper. How exciting! The names of our colors are Ratio Dune, Ratio Jet, Ratio Mocha, Honour Sable, Nigel S71, Nigel S74, Nigel S75, Nigel S77, Nigel S78, Origin Cappuccino, Origin Ash, Origin Steel, and Origin Dune.

The Valued and Varied Vintage Leather Sleeper Couch – Double

So, you can dictate the size, the color, the look, and the texture. What’s more? Well, my friend, you can also throw in a one-year warranty for your benefit.

The warranty excludes foams and fabrics and has reasonable exceptions. To assemble your newly received Vintage Leather Sleeper Couch – Double, lift the base vertically to attach the top pillow cushioning to its back, then place them back down on the floor sliding them into the frame of the couch together. Place your supporting and firm back cushions on top. And there you have it, your assembled, stylish, space-saving sleeper couch.

To operate your sleeper couch, remember that it is always important to work from the center. Thus, slide the base out from the center placing the back cushions underneath for support in the allocated spots. Then fold the cushioning middle out onto the base. And voila, you are left with your elongated, flat and available sleeper couch.

So, there you have it, the ins and outs, ups and overs, and choices and styles of the beautiful Vintage Couch Sleeper. If you are pushed for space, then this is just the right item for you.


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